just found out about this on the 9th only now got the money to register. I’m hoping this will be my first con. I’m planning on driving, I’ve got a GPS but i haven’t seen an address for the campsite. intresting in volunteering but have no idea what i’d do

Welcome to the forums! To get driving instructions, head to our About Page and scroll down to the link just below the campsite map for a link to Google maps. If you want to register to volunteer, check the ‘I would like to volunteer’ checkbox when you register. If you missed it, let us know and we can add you in manually. On the 19th I’ll be opening up a volunteers subforum where volunteers can sign up for different tasks for different times. Good luck!

Speaking of, Crowley, how are you guys shaping up for volunteers? If you guys are short Pulsifer and I could possibly reconsider. :slight_smile: (She can’t be on her feet a lot though.) I’d just feel selfish if I didn’t volunteer when you guys are shorthanded.

At best, we have about 4 volunteers to help staff with setup and breakdown, and we’ll need at least 3 more during the event so as not to overwork volunteers. That being said, anything helps! Our biggest physiocal work will be setup and breakdown, and the range of work runs from making/putting up sides, helping Couger set up area markers for Happenings, to moving tables and setting up our canopy and pavilions. At the very least, there’s also a LOT of pine needles and pine cones that need raking up, and there’s also some sit down jobs that need doing as well, so no matter who shows up for setup and breakdown, there’s something that anyone can do. During the event itself the biggest job would be trash detail and dishes in the kitchen, as well as assisting people setting up tents and parking during arrival/departure.