Happenings FAQ and Discussion (Updated 1/7/2012)

Please note that Happenings are facing a transition in staff and design and are subject to change without notice. As things develop, they will be posted here. Feel free to reply with any other questions you may have and they may be added to this master list.

Q: What is a Happening?
A: A Happening is an event of artistic significance at Campfire Tails. It can be anything ranging from traditional art exhibits, to participatory events(like craft workshops), to community builds, to mixed medium art displays, to something instantaneous and fluid, like a flash mob or a musical performance that happens within your general camp areas. Theme camps, akin to those seen at Burning Man, also fall under this subject.

Q: How much does it cost to register a Happening?
A: Nothing at all outside of regular registration. This forum exists for you to put out your ideas and collaborate with others on putting together your Happening. When you arrive at Camp and complete check-in, you will be given further instructions on where to go to assemble your happening. If it needs to be a scheduled event, please let your resident host know and be sure to post notices on the various chalkboards located around camp.

Q: Who can form a Happening?
A: Anyone who is attending. Effectively Campfire Tails is by and large a blank slate for creativity, and we want everyone to take whatever big idea they have and make it real.

Q: How large or small can a Happening be?
A: Small can be as simple as one person handing out unique stickers to strangers, or as large as a dance, sporting event or a tent dedicated to a theme or anything that your mind can come up with that can let you connect to people in your own special way.

Q: I’m a Musician/Band/DJ/Performance Artist and want to put on a show! What do I do?
A: Awesome! We will have a small PA system set up set up for dances and the like with a handful of inputs and microphones. For live music/discussions/workshops in the day that we can schedule timeslots for, and after the sun goes down, Dance music! To join in, be sure to let me know personally. Also if you feel like just wandering about playing an instrument, feel free to do so! Beware of roving packs of rogue musicians, though.If you want to bring equipment, it’s highly encouraged!

Q: What can’t I do with a Happening?
A: You may not spill any fluids on the ground that isn’t water or simple biodegradable materials(castille soaps, etc). Period. Due to the remote location and being surrounded by lots of dry materials, burning displays are NOT allowed.

Q: My display needs (insert matter)!
A: Bring power with you! Bring your own supplies! Bring your own tent/canopy/seating! If it’s not a patch of ground you need or a stage for performing, bring it! If you use a petrol-generator, have a spill-proof tarp underneath it in case of slip ups and an ABC-rated fire extinguiser.

Q: My display uses electricty, what do I need?
A: You need to have an ABC-rated fire extinguisher that is fully charged and inspected in the year the event is taking place and has an output volume equal to the square footage of your Happening.

Q: My Happening is kinda dangerous. What happens if someone gets hurt?
A: You are liable for the people who are in your Happening and participating! Keep this in mind!

Q: I want to charge people to participate in my Happening or sell things in my Happening! Can I do this?
A: 10% of all profits (beyond recoup of personal investment of materials for workshops) are to be paid to your camp host with instructions to give it to the Happenings coordinator with a statement of what was sold, quantities and values. This money will be used reserving our future location. As CFT represents all the sellers at the park, we hold the singular land use permit and no sales permit is required. By being present you are voluntarily selling on our behalf to raise funds to support our future.

Q: Does my Happening need to be Furry Themed?
A: Not at all! While Campfire Tails is an event hosted by furries FOR furries, it’s actual content is up to the person in charge of the Happening! We highly encourage you guys to get a bit wild and ‘out there’. I must say, though, the more things that glow, the happer I’ll be!

Q: Does my Happening have to follow the year’s theme?
A: Nope! We encourage people to fall into the year’s theme, but if you have something else in mind, by all means, do it.

Q: My Happening is being ruined by some jerk! What do I do?
A: Flag down your nearest host. Barring that, the nearest staff member in a yellow will put in a call and help will be obtained immediately. Do not try to dissolve the problem yourself, in case it escalates. The last thing we want is for someone to get hurt!

Q: My Happening is expensive to set up! Can you help me?
A: The purpose of Campfire Tails is to provide a safe location for artists to form their ideas into reality. As it stands, we keep all costs low because every single cent that goes into the event goes right back out to you guys, the attendees. You’re not attending OUR event, you’re attending YOUR event. You helped pay for it! Be proud! At the same time, we have no additional funds to help artists with their Happenings, so it’s up to you to find a creative way to work around it!

Q: Can people sleep at my Happening?
A: Yes! Just be sure to let your camp host know of your plans so your Happening doesn’t get crashed by Public Safety.

Q: My Happening means a lot to me, how do I keep it from being stolen/defaced while I’m gone?
A: During the evening, hosts take turns patrolling the car park and parking areas to ensure that all is locked down properly. Unfortunately no security is completely ironclad and things may be stolen. If you’re worried about it, it is highly suggested you break down your Happening and secure it every night before leaving. Keep your valuables with you or locked away somewhere safe. CFT will not be responsible for lost or stolen property that cannot be recovered.

Q: Can I serve food/drink at my Happening?
A: You need an Oregon food handler’s card or an Oregon Liquor Service License to serve food or alcohol in your Happening to the public. If hosting a party with drinking, you must sign a personal waiver of liability for your campsite and agree to post a bouncer at the entrance to check ID and pass out wristbands. No exception.

Q: Can my Happening be closed to invite only?
A: We’re here to form a strong communal bond with everyone involved. For this reason, there can be no ‘Private’ Happenings. If you want to have a private party or otherwise, locate your event to your tent, don’t advertise and respect the boundaries of your personal campsite.

Q: What is a theme camp?
A: Theme camps are a novel concept directly pulled from Burning Man. They consist of individually designed and constructed additions to your campsite that make it both unique and interactive. They can be either part of a global theme, or it’s own unique theme, but above all else, it must be participatory. To quote(in ellipses): “Your theme camp should create an ambience, a visual presence, in some way provide a communal space or provide activity. It may be the anchor for a larger event taking place. The best camps succeed by simplicity… All your needs must be thoroughly thought through to make your camp completely autonomous… Be prepared to haul everything out that you’ve brought in.” With respect to the size of the campground, when planning your theme camp, keep in mind that any plans that inhabit spaces larger than 20’x20’ must be pre-approved by the construction team so it can be properly zoned no later than 11:59pm on July 5th. No vehicles that aren’t intended to be camped in may be present in any camp and all Happenings regulations apply.