Happening/theme camp brainstorming thread

Hey y’all! Let’s come up with some good ideas for Happenings anf theme camps with the hope someone runs em!

What kind of Happenings did you enjoy in previous years?

What did you feel was missing, or that you would have liked to see?

What environmental conditions (heat, hangover, etc) could a Happening/camp help with?

What ideas do you have that you couldn’t do alone, but could with a group?

Go wild! Go nuts! This is all purely speculative, and you can pick ideas that work for you ans run with them!

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I’ll start us off with: a cool-off station! It gets hot!!! Water spritzers, shade, cold drinks, places to sit, all would help people during the hot parts of the day.


I was looking to expand my “public beer cooler” idea from last year. I dont have enough room for a whole canopy, but I will be bringing a larger cooler to hold more beer/water/soda. I’ll look into it more. Maybe buy some old bed sheets from goodwill and hang them up in the trees as a cheaper and more compact sun blocker?

I was thinking about hosting a movie night or ps4 on a projector

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Blind Cheap Booze Taste Test - Have a group of folks bring in a few cans of whatever weird cheap booze in a can that they can find at their local gas station (Colt 45, Old English, Steel Reserve, Buddha Beer, etc . . . ) Put them all behind a screen and serve people a taste of each without telling them what it is. (BONUS IDEA - Hide some fancy beer in there as well and see if people can tell)

Odds and Ends Game Jam - Bring a box of old sports odds and ends (Baseballs, rope, frisbees, etc . . .) Have a few groups try to come up with a game you can play with any combination of said stuff. Get people who want to try the resulting games

Ice Breaker - A first day way to meet new people. Something like a scavenger hunt, but for finding people. Or perhaps just a few low-stress games like word association, etc . . .

THE BEEG HIKE - Gather a posse. Find a destination to take a hike to, eat a picnic lunch there.

Music Jam - Gather all the musicians. Make them fight to the death, musically (or, you know, just play music together)

Something Ridiculously Formal - Some event with fancy dress and pomposity encouraged. Indubitably.

Fant Astic Yums Potluck - Have people bring something tasty for one evening after dinner. Try a bit of everything.

5 minute readings - Have a group bring in anything they can read to a group in under 5 minutes. Listen to what awesome things people have to say.

It’d be super interesting to have some spectator video games going on. There’s nothing funnier than back seat gaming.

Well we have a couple of ps4 games and both retro Nintendo’s bring your favorite ps4 game and we can share our system projector and screen

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I’m thinking of doing a 90’s grunge night. Basically a place for 40 something shit bags to hang out and be 90’s era shit bags to each other. That’s if I get a ticket, it ain’t looking good. I’ve got bad luck and when this lotto thing came about that basically made it so I just wouldn’t be going. I lost out last year, already lost in round one. I’m not hopeful. If I don’t get a ticket this year I just give up, I won’t be bothering ever again.


I’d be down for some flannel and gargling out lyrics!

Hope you make it in.

I think I will likely bring the cuddle / lounge tent back.

If flip or anyone else wants to use it day or night for a drinkless event like Yoga, meditation, or just afternoon naps, etc. I’m down.

yeah hey, I got my shit together and provide the car doesn’t burst into damn flames (always… you know wait till you guys see this one!) I’ll be there with cammo netting, muffled lyrics, guitar feedback and greasy long hair! BYOF

Hey, I’m only a 38-something shitbag who digs the 90’s shitbag stuff (especially music)! So I resemble that remark! :stuck_out_tongue:

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