Happening: Makin' Bacon Workshop

Some folks and I were talking about this at last CFT and as I can easily pull it off, I say we go for it. :slight_smile:

Come learn how to make your own bacon at home! This happening will likely be free, but open to donations for materials compensation. I will demonstrate how to cure a pork belly, then we will smoke a pre-cured one to make bacon. Best part, we will then eat said bacon the next day. Sound good? IT OUGHT TO.

Staff: if you don’t want us doing food-related happenings its cool, I just thought that since I have one of those food handler cards it might be okay.

No problem Sparky!

Oh! Oh! Count me in! I dont care when that happens, I will attend it!


sounds both fun and messy

Count me in! =D

Baaaaacooooooooon -drool-

Mmm… yes please… <3

are we talking curing and smoking? if so sign me up


OMG that looks soooooo yummy!!!