Happening idea!

So I went to FCN in Michigan this year, and the theme was the 80s. They had a gameshow that I participated in and won, and I thought it would be fun to play it at CFT!! It’s called Win, Lose, or DRAW! It’s like Pictionary but a little better X3

The people who want to play will be broken up into teams. (How many teams depends on how many people want to play!) Then, the teams will elect a leader. The leader will be the person who draws. The game proceeds with two teams at a time. There are about 3 or 4 rounds, and then a lightning round. The leader has 60 seconds to draw something that the host tells them to draw and the rest of the team must guess what the leader is drawing in that 60 seconds. If the team guesses correctly, they get points. If not, the opposing team has one guess to steal the points. The lightning round is the same way as a regular round except that it involves 6 seperate drawings to guess in 90 seconds, and the opposing team cannot steal the points.

So, that being said. I would like to host this event. I will bring the paper and markers, but I will need an easel or something to put/hang the paper on :3

That sounds like fun!

I wanna play! :smiley:

Sounds great

I’m in.

That sounds awesome.

I want to thank everyone who participated! I’ll do a better job of making things a little more difficult next year so that we can have a little more of a points spread XD I’ll have a better setup to draw on too!