Happening: DJ 101

“Holy shit, Pix is posting ANOTHER DJ related thread?”

I have talked with a few people about this. Interest has been expressed in a DJ 101 happening.

DJing isn’t just as easy as playing music. It can be overwhelming to start with no information!

The whole idea of this is to gather people that are interested in DJing, but just don’t know where to start. I thought that CFT would be a great place to do this, as it is small enough that people can actually gather around to see what is happening and even get a small amount of hands-on experience for a little bit.

Topics would include:
“DJing in the digital age”
“Software and hardware considerations”
“How the hell do I work this anyway?”
“Basic BPM and Key theories”
“Basic beat matching”
“Your first transition! …The first of many”
"Reading a crowd and bending them to your will. MWAHAHAHA!"

Ideally, this would take place in the morning while it is coolish (that heat sucks to stand in) or afternoon, a few hours before all the DJing and partying begins. It won’t be super in-depth, as I am not a professional or anything, but real life experience helps a ton! :3

Does this sound like something that could and/or should happen? XD


Yes, please host this! I don’t know a damn thing about any of this beyond what I figured out by spending an afternoon several years ago rolling my face around on the keyboard with a “borrowed” copy of Traktor.

Thanks for showing interest, Koinu! :3

If for some reason this isn’t made official, I’ll just go around camp, find people that are interested and do it anyway. XD

If you want to organize this, I’m way into it! I’ll add it to the master list!

Awesome, thanks Beau~ :smiley:

I am down for this as well, Pix!

I’m down as well!

I once successfully warped a song in Ableton, something I may never be able to replicate again. Because of this, I’ll try to attend this one!

Well, I can’t really talk about Ableton stuff much, as I don’t know a ton about how to use it.

I’ll be talking about more general information like Vinyl vs CDJ vs MIDI and the different uses for the major software options …Ableton being one of them, of course… So that people can figure out what will work best for them. I’ll cover basic techniques, though, that apply no matter what hardware or software you use. (Beat matching, key selection, FX, transitions and other such things.)

I just hope you also include a piece on harmonic mixing and employing the Camelot system for phrase matching.

But of course! I think that every DJ should know how to use it properly…They should also know when/when not to use it, as it isn’t a cut-and-paste template. Sometimes it’s best to use other methods. Will certainly go over all this to the extent of my knowledge. :3

You’ve got my interest piqued!

This sounds awesome I’d love to attend :smiley:

Thanks for the positive feedback, guys! :3 <3