Hang the Wagon and Bash It

Or, alternately, "You have broken an axle."
We’re going to bring a covered-wagon-shaped pinata to campfire tails!
Looking at the current schedule, it seems the best time is probably Saturday right after lunch (and after the Lube Olympics). But I’ll defer to the judgement of the almighty scheduling gods if they think a different time is better. I only ask that it not be scheduled on Sunday.

Tyco, you’re my hero. ;D

[quote=“Crowley, post:2, topic:684”]Tyco, you’re my hero. ;D[/quote]All the <3s
I think it’s gonna be a ton of fun actually. I think there’s a good 10ish pounds of stuff for these pinatas too, so hopefully there’ll be plenty of people to help pick up the goodies.
May I make a request though… if one wants to take swings at it, they stick around to help clean it up? Would that be reasonable to request?

It only makes sense that we help clean up the big mess we’re bound to make! The biggest problem is that pinatas tend to make lots of tiny pieces that are hard to find once broken open, so I hope we can get everything picked up well enough! Might I suggest we try to break it over a large tarp or blanket so we can just fold in all the remnants? :slight_smile:

All that aside, I’m all for the idea and really hope to participate!!! :smiley: Never really broken open a pinata before!! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s our general plan, but I don’t think we have an extra tarp we can bring for such a function. Hoping someone else will have an extra.

I have an extra tarp that I’ve never used actually! I’d be happy to bring it along for this :3

Sweet, that would be most helpful! Otherwise I’d need to go buy one solely for this purpose, which seems inefficient.

Can I convince someone to officially add this event to the schedule for Saturday right after lunch?

I have one comment. Right after the lube olympics last year everyone likes to go chill at the falls and wash the sticky off ;). I participated last year and washing off was a super priority.

I’ll keep that in mind for future years, assuming we do it again (it turned out this year that the lube olympics timing was moved anyway). We also discovered that in the mad dash for candy, the person who broke open the pinata didn’t end up really getting anything. So next time we’ll have better-than-the-candy prizes set aside for the people who get it open.

Maybe there should be a “prize” limit? Like if you grab a bunch of stuff you can only have X amount of things, pass the extra on. It would use the honor system but maybe more people would get stuff. I missed this happening but someone brought me a few things anyway.