I have 2 others coming with me and we are going as a group and plan to use the same tent and stuff. So is this ok for us to do? They are registered to.

So long as everyone is registered, you could bring a 12person tent and stack 30 furs in it if yo like! >.> Well… that would uncomfortable to sleep in XD

Hah, yeah, we aren’t a hotel so as long as you’re comfortable with it (and of course have all registered!), you can pack as many people as you want in your tent.

Hi, I’m registered for the event but when I signed up I forgot to put my middle and last name so just my first name shows. Can I still get in the the event?

It’s not a big deal, you’re quite welcome to come. Just email your corrected info to :slight_smile:

Ok, I sent the corrected info to the email address you posted. We all good to go now?

You’re all set! See you there.