Group Event Games

I would love to coordinate a few of these. Some of which were highly successful at the camps i went to growing up with upwards of 400 people. (certain games had to broken up into groups and sessions, but overall, it was just crazy awesome.

[size=18pt]Big Group Games[/size]

The “Bean” Game

Object: To fill the bucket in the other teams safe zone, with your teams bean color. The team with the most successful delivered beans within the time limit of the game wins.

Supplies: This game requires 4 buckets: 2 detergent large Costco buckets, and 2 smaller sand holding colored buckets. two bags of beans, one red beans, and white beans. Rope: 314 feet. Two metal chairs. 2 large white socks for each player - (8 players = 160 socks). 2 neon colors of duck-tape (Green, orange or pink work well). 3 long distance channle walkie-talkies. Timer on a phone, or iPod touch. A group of completive playful people

Setup: Everyone is required to wear jeans to play this game for both safety reasons, and because the game needs pockets. Two destinations need to be selected a decent distance apart, with the board of the playing field well marked by red flags, or flagged off areas that are off limits. The Safe zones need to be paces so 3/4 of the zone is in the open while 1/3 is close to a harder part of brush to protect from the other team slipping in and scoring a point. Place a Costco empty bucket in the middle of the two safe zones. Then measure out 10 feet in all 4 directions and mark those spots with stakes. Then run a rope in a circle with a 10 foot radius around the bucket. Use stakes to pin down the rope so it won’t lift from people running into the circle. Next, move the bucket left 5 feet from the center of the circle. Then place a chair 5 feet from the center opposite the side where the bucket is. Next, give every player two socks and make them have the socks hanging out of their jean’s back pockets. Next divide the team into equal numbers and assign a team to each side. Make both team wear an “X” on the front of their clothing and also on the back of their clothing in bright colored duck-tape. Next, choose an individual that is not playing that will not leave the safe zone (ring) on each side. This person will distribute the beans to each player after the player returns from scoring a point or losing their beans (these players are best if they they don’t care who wins and won’t let players cheat by carrying more beans then they are allowed. Next assign a ref that will call time to stop the game and use a wake talkie to communicate between both safe zones and the ref.

Durration of game can be 30minutes to an hour. Set a timer

Rules: Each player is only allowed to carry 2 beans at any given time. Players have the choose of playing a scoring position, or a defensive position. If you decide you are defending, feel free to leave your socks with the individual distributing your team’s colored beans. If you are wanting to score, your socks must be visible at all times. A max of 2 players can be defending the circle. Their must be a distance of 35 feet before another defense position that is being used to camp and wait for the other team to pass. If your sock gets pulled, you have to stop and turn around and face the player that is holding your sock. You can then put your arms behind your back and decide which hands you want to hold the beans, (one in each, so you don’t have to head back but can only score one point if you make it, or both in one hand) Then you must hold your fists out in front of you and let the defender pick a hand. You then must reveal your hand and give the defense player your beans. If the hand is empty, you must reveal both beans in the other hand (to prevent cheating - if you are caught cheating you will be forced to stop playing the game and hurt your team, this game is meant to be fair and fun) after they take your beans, or you reveal they guessed completely wrong, they have to let you go and give you 10 seconds. If the defender see someone else, however they can stop the scoring player right away. If your beans are taken, you have to head back to your teams safe zone to collect more. (you are not allowed to take another team mates beans as a pass off - this is also cheating.) When time is up! no more beans can be placed into each teams scoring bucket!

(NOTE: If you are being chased, you can be chased all the way to the boarder of the circle regardless of the 2 defender (safe zone) rule.)
(NOTE: If you run into the scoring zone without two socks in your pocket, your scoring beans don’t count and you must go back and retrieve your sock and a new set of beans.)
(NOTE: If at any time their is something under scrutiny, alert your safe zone, and they will radio the ref.)


Object: To fill your bucket with water before any of the other teams do (other teams being 1 - 4 stations going against each other)

Supplies: This game requires lots of white plastic tubing from home depot. Enough to make 4 bars at increasing heights (x however many stations). 4 feet, 8 feet, 10 feet, 13 feet. (and they need to withstand a beating of sponges so they need a good foundation built. Each bar needs to be 4 to 5 feet across at each height). Two large toy circular buckets, 8 large car sponges, 2 horse (metal) water troff. A group of people that plan to get wet and are dressed for it with sunscreen and bathing suits. Wear good sandals if game isn’t played on decent grass.

Setup: Place two water troff units 20 feet away from the first bar. Fill these up with water completely. Drop all the sponges in the troffs. 4 in each troff. Next, place each bar 5 feet apart from each other (after the first one that is already 20 feet away) make it so each bar gets increasingly higher. Then place the large toy bucket bin 10 feet past where the 13 ft bar was placed. Next split the groups into teams of 5 or 6 people per station. Next, have a person stand in the following places: by the troff, after the first bar, after the second bar, after the third bar, and after the fourth bar.

Rules, the sponge must go over every bar before it can be emptied into the teams bucket on the other side. If the sponge is empty because most the water is lost, it still must be passed through the course. When the person after the last bar empties the sponge into the teams bucket, they then must run to the troff and fill the sponge and everyone rotates a position. continue like this till a team wins - going as fast as possible!

Capture the Flag

Will come back to this

Freeze Tag

Object: To not let the freezer freeze everyone (this is done by touching anyone that isn’t already frozen by the designated freezer) The moment the freezer freezes everyone, the game is over. (it happens pretty quick.)

Supplies: A group of 10 or more people

Setup: choose an empty field for a safe place to play. Establish a board that can not be left or you become frozen. This can be marked with items or flags.

Rules: After a freezer is designated, everyone starts spread out and all tries to avoid the freezer. If the freezer touches someone, they must freeze and separate their legs to allow another unfroze player to be able to crawl under their legs to unfreeze them. The player must get all the way through the frozen players legs to release them from the icy curse (not just partially through their legs) Players once frozen cannot move under any circumstances and must act as new obstacles for other players and the freezer.


Object: To be the last one left in the game.

Supplies: Whistle, Spray Paint on grass or Powdered Chalk that can be used to make lines on dirt. (This game is usually played in a gym and the lines in the gym are used.

Setup: Everyone starts in the middle “poopdeck” zone and waits for the first command to be called out by the ref. (the drawing and spacing of the lines will have to be measured out - i don’t have the measurements right now)

Rules: The last one to enter each called out zone is out of the game.

| || || || || ||
| || || || || ||
| Jail || Lower || Poop || Upper || King ||
| || Deck || Deck || Deck || of ||
| || || || || the ||
| || || || || World ||
| || || || || ||

Camp duration bingo / blackout (based on interesting facts from other campers for the squares to be signed.)

Self explanatory

“Mordor’s Spiders’s Corridor” Challenge

Object: To get everyone through the web without touching the web - all done within the time limit.

Supplies: Roll of red ribbon, White pipe frame, with rope tied and intertwined into a web with different sized holed to pass through. The available holes needs to change based on the group that is trying to get through to the other side. The holes also need to be varying sizes that will fit people through them.

Setup: everyone starts on one side of the web.

Rules: Can’t touch the web, or the team must start over. If the ref decided to allow the team to continue, the team is minus one player that can hurt their score. If the game is being played with points, each player that makes it through is worth 10-50 points. When the time is up, the game must stop - if a person is in the middle of passing through a web, their points won’t count) Any web space can only be used one time, then is tied off with red ribbon.

“The Electric Fence” Challenge
"Acid River" Challenge
"10 Stage Relay Race" Challenge
"Ultimate Clue" Challenge

[size=18pt]Smaller Group Games[/size]
Killer Uno
Frisbee Golf
"Hotdog launch" Challenge (cheap hotdogs of course haha)

monocle pops

I say!

Depending on what we decided to do, some of these take some preparation and someone with a truck to help me get some of the equipment there. I have no problem buying a lot of the stuff. To me, it’s just fun =]

Well we already have a water fight, we did capture the flag last year and there is talk of Devon hosting Glow in the dark frisbee golf or something of the sort.

I have a feeling my truck will be getting more use this year. :wink:

I like Lyrick’s ideas for Freeze Tag and Capture the Flag. I have a couple ideas myself that I think would be really fun, one being more slow paced and the other being more fast paced. My first idea is something I enjoy doing very much which is setting up crazy croquet courses during family events and the other is something I’ve had in mind for quite some time now. So here are my ideas

The Croquet Course Challenge: Essentially it’s a game of croquet but much more difficult in being there with be blockades or other various obstacles to prevent participants from just cruising through the course.

Standard Croquet rules apply
Be cautious of equipment

Nerf War: As the name suggests this will be a war like match with various nerf weapons that will be placed in a marked area that will be picked to keep equipment and equipment accessories from being lost. There would be a bullet and clip count before and after each match, weapons will be placed in the area by non-participants, each participant will have to wait for the starting signal before moving into the area to begin the match, a morgue will be marked for those who are hit, you can gain more weaponry from “dead” players, the match area will be marked, and the last person standing wins :3

Rules: Weapons:
Participants must stay in the marked area during the match Various types of Nerf guns
No outside interference Various types of Nerf swords
If you are shot/hit you’re “dead” and must go to the morgue
Do not use excessive force with nerf swords
Do not abuse equipment or it’s accessories
Aiming directly at the face is prohibited
No hitting other players with the nerf guns (it’s not like halo)
you can only get more than one weapon if you shoot/hit another player or find a discarded weapon
do not abuse equipment or accessories
Be fair and go to the morgue if you’re shot/hit
You can not take another weapon from someone who is not "dead"
Be safe
No attacking non-participants
No attacking with any part of your body
Lastly have fun ^^

There are also other types of nerf games we could do like team matches or real style Nerf War with a general. :3

Keep in mind that this is mostly uneven ground, with roots and rocks all over the place. Not necessarily the place for croquet.

And for me the fun of a nerf war is using my nerf guns.

you would use nerf guns silly, just not to hit people with. Also that would make the course challenge even better as it would boost the difficulty :3

Or were you talking about your own nerf guns?