Getting in shape for CFT!

I personally want to get in shape for cft, which is only a few months away!
I’m here to help and motivate anyone else who wants to join the effort in getting a little trimmer around the edges depsite that we all know cushion is good for the pushin’!
I’m hoping to use this to help us all track our efforts, even if it’s only walking a mile a day. Any little effort can be the first step for positive changes and it hopefully be uplifting!
Body shaming will not be tolerated, this has to be a positive atmosphere for everyone who is doing their best to make it happen! You should be proud of your accomplishments as well as sharing your goals with all of us! Pleaae don’t be afraid to post pictures!

Now for goal setting time!
I think that if I can lose ten pounds by cft and get a bit more toned as well as lose some pastiness I’ll be very pleased!
Please share your goals so we can help you achieve them!

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today i logged a 30 minute bike ride. and thus it begins!

I’m down with this. I’ve got about five or ten pounds I’d like to shave off and CFT’s a fair goal for that.

awh heck yea! Favlaud said he might be interested in being a work out buddy of mine, and if you guys are int he same place, even more motivation to kick it in gear! (Assuming you’re who i think you are :P)

Today an hour bike ride and a 5 minute cool down jog

Four mile bike ride.

It’s not much, but I’ve been on my feet most of the last few days and I carried home like 30-40lbs of groceries on my back. Hooo-eeeee I am tired.

Took a nice walk around downtown on lunch today. Going to be picking up evening walks with my backpack to train up a bit for hiking. :3~

@Gnolltime, let’s go on a nice walk together sometime during CFT.
We can even hold hands if you like <3

It’s a date~ We have a lot to catch up on. :3~

I hear that any shape is a shape. is a shape

Im so glad to see you guys using this <3 aaahhh wagging