So, another question. Should I bother to bring my suit at all? Dusty outdoors and nice warm sun makes me wanna say no, but if a lot of others are bringing theirs, I don’t wanna feel left out of course. :wink:

A good question. I am still unsure if I want to bring my suit, by the time the heat is easing off its getting dark and my head has extremely poor visibility - plus the suit is black which means no one can really see me anyways. :stuck_out_tongue: However I believe at least a few people are bringing suits - not to put pressure on him but Groggy for one never disappoints. I am providing a “fursuit lounge” in the form of a large tent (not ideal I know) although I for one would change at least in my own tent.

I would not attempt suiting when the sun is high by any means. But if you’re okay with suiting at dusk you might want to consider bringing your suit if feasible.

I would say if you’ve got room to bring, why not. I mean people bring fursuits to Burning Man even, and the climate there is way more harsh.

if you have the room you can bring it and not wear it if conditions arnt right

Last year a few brought and suited. I would expect paws to be dusty for sure.

I’m bringing my costumes! They’re not “fur” suits per se, but uh, giant glowing birds. 8) Probably still a bit too hot for the day, but ideal for desert nights as they were originally made for Burning Man.

I’m hoping others will bring/wear suits, it’s always more fun that way! And I’m with the above posters: if you have room in your car, better to bring it but not end up wearing it, than to not bring it but really wish you had… :wink:

Fell free to bring it for sure, we had a few people running around in fursuit last year.

But do remember this is not really a fursuit friendly environment. This is the woods, it will be hot, dusty, hard to see, and hard to walk. While we will have a place to take off your head and cool down, there isn’t really going to be fans like you have at a hotel convention.

With all that taken in to consideration feel free to bring your suit and have fun!

Ok, thanks guys. I’ll throw it in my truck and have it for if I want it.

Sadly due to the fact that my suit is 90% white, there is no way I would want to subject it to the desert :stuck_out_tongue:
Besides not really having room in my car

I wish I could have found the right color and type of fur to make the tail I want. I’m not a suiter but I really want to make myself a quality tail to wear one of these days, my glowstick tail last year, although fun, wasn’t fitting enough.