Fursuiting at CFT

Hi there campers! Are you planning on bringing your fursuit to CFT this year? This being an outdoor event means that there are some additional things to consider before you bring your suit with you to camp…

The sun is HOT!
First and foremost, we are out in the desert. The days are hot and sunny and our nights are cool and chilly, so I don’t recommend suiting during daylight hours unless you are acclimated to this sort of heat. If you plan to suit during the daytime I recommend you hydrate yourself well before, during and after suiting. The heat can bear down hard on you, and if you’re like me and don’t do well with thin air this combination can be hazardous for the unprepared suiter.

Naturally, bringing something simple like an umbrella for portable shade and limiting physical activities can help significantly when it comes to managing the heat. We have spigots in the main camping area that dispense drinkable water, and the kitchen area will have various hydration options available for you as well!

No really, it gets hot out here.
The hot days also mean a different consideration for storing your fursuit as well. On a clear sunny day out in the desert, there is a strong possibility for the temperatures to break 100F. This means potential damage to fur or melting of low temp glue if left in a car or tent in direct sunlight for most of the day. Last year, Tyco suggested I use a Space Blanket to wrap my box up so it will reflect a great deal of the heat away from the fursuit and it worked perfectly for keeping it safe from the heat. You can usually find space blankets for sale in most department stores like Walmart or Fred Meyers in their First Aid/Safety areas.

Also, since cars tend to have that natural green house effect for trapping heat in an enclosed area its recommended that you put your suit in your tent if there is room for it, and at least crack the windows on your car if you can’t.

Off roading can wear out your treads!
While our desert isn’t a wasteland of of rolling hills of sand and dust, it is still a much different place than your average con hotel. (Mostly because there is no hotel) If you’re going out suiting, then that means walking through sand, dirt, and gravel. This being a bit more harsh than a carpeted hallway means some tougher time for your feet paws.

If you’re the crafty type, you make a relatively simple pair of sandles to help keep your feet our of the dirt and gravel, and keep you from wearing a hole through your sole. oCe offered This Instructable last year that was fairly useful in making a pair.

Naturally, if you aren’t able to throw together a pair and aren’t certain your feet paws can take the beating, don’t wear them. We won’t judge you for wearing shoes to save yourself damage to your feet. :smile:

Not for the faint of colors!
Remember what I said about the dust, dirt and gravel? Well, its everywhere. A good strong breeze can kick up a bit of dust and will get all over everything thats left outside for very long. (Including you.) If you’re worried about keeping your suit clean, this is not the place for you. Being outdoors in a dusty environment means you’re likely going to be dusty after a bit too.

If you have a delicate fur type, or have light colors that you don’t want looking dingy, (until you clean it thoroughly of coarse) its probably best to leave your suit at home. We have no structures outside of the bathrooms or your tent to hide from the from the dust so be prepared to deal with that if you’re taking your suit along.

Its lonely out in space…
Being miles from civilization, we don’t have much ambient lighting outside the campfires and the dance area. We can see the whole milky way in the sky, and its a beautiful sight. However, if you’re like me and have fairly hindered vision while your head is on its like walking in utter darkness most of the time at night. The site having lots of tent tiedowns, rocks, and brush can make navigating the site a hazardous for you in suit.

If you have somebody that can help you out as a handler, I’d have them along with you if possible. I’d also recommend strong light source such as a lantern with you as well to help navigate any obstacles you may encounter on your night time adventures. Our goal is to not have to ask the rangers to find a six foot tall pink fox who wandered away into the woods. :stuck_out_tongue:

That about covers what I have to offer, and if you have more to add or questions to ask don’t be afraid to speak up!

A lil late but adding to this. Having suited and costumed at burning man, I can say this.
-Bring older suits if you have them that you may not be heartbroken about damaging them a bit, or a lot.
-Partials suits plus a costume that keeps you cooler is a good and fun idea.
-You don’t have to wear your feetpaws. You’re not gonna loose any points for not having them out in the dessert. Saves them from the wear and tear and keeps em clean. Alternatively, use an old pair, a pair of happy feet, or something like Clawz (Those paw shaped crocs)
-Re-purpose an old head, or make a simple mask/head quickly and cheaply. This can be done with anything (cerial box cardboard to old junk laying around) Get creative! These can be done quickly and easily. Built them with the environment in mind. Open eye holes, easy to wear on top of head too, good ventilation, etc.

Remember, nobody is judging you on the quality of your suit or how much time/money you spent making it. Have fun, be creative, share your art and create smiles!

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