Fursuit Portraits by Emvee

I take a picture of you, and your friends if you want, and turn it into a photo-realistic digital painting! You can even put yourself in a different setting by changing the background. You don’t even really have to be in a fursuit.

Solid color background - $20 ! (Limited time deal)
Simple background -$40
Detailed background - $80-100

It takes hours, so you don’t get it right away. But I’ll email it to you when it’s done. See my FA page for examples, commission info, and details:


If you’re interested, email me, reply here, or message me on some other form of social media. You can also come up to me at CFT and ask about it. I’ll have a brown flat-rim cap, with a patch of a cool husky wearing sunglasses. I’ll take cash in person or PayPal for online payment.

EmveeTheDog on Twitter or Telegram

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