Fundraiser brainstorming

Hey guys, while the rest of the staff and I recover and piece together our con report, new code of conduct, financial report and expanded staff lineup(currently looking at around 20 people on staff as opposed to 8), we could use your help. Our funds largely exhausted, pockets emptier than they’ve ever been, we need to find a way to secure the campsite for next year. We’ve received a total of $82 in donations during the con, a portion of which was spent getting the trailer roadworthy again and repainting the bathroom, we need to make sure we have enough funds to secure the site for next year!

Here’s some basic maths:

Cost per site, per day: $75
Reservation fee, per reservation(per site): $60
Cost for all three sites, per day: $200
Days needed: 6 (two days for setup and breakdown, 4 days for con action)
Total cost for Site C: $510
Total cost for Site B and C(minimum for next year): $1,020
Total cost for entire campground: $1,260

When we last reserved the campsite, you could only reserve a campsite 9 months in advance. I thought that gave us as staff a few months to play around with our numbers a bit and try to scrape together what we can to do it ourselves(or myself out of pocket) but since then, things have changed. The park has opened reservations to 12 months in advance, meaning that even now, our beloved campground can be snatched up at anytime by somebody with the money. That being said, we need your help.

While we busy ourselves with settling out our reinfrastructure and con report, if any of you have an idea of what sort of fundraisers we can hold to try to raise money for CFT’s reservation, we’d like to hear it! Please shout out any ideas you guys may have! I know someone suggested ‘fursuit car wash’, but that can only go so far! I can say definitively, if we can acquire all three sites on the weekend, we can ensure that nobody else will nab them up, leaving us to reserve the extra days at our leisure…just a thought <3

Email Scritch and we will discuss this. :3

I could donate a portion of my regular commission sales to the con since I’m no longer dependent on the income I had from them. Though that would just be something small throughout the year rather than something immediate.

Can’t really think of anything else at the moment, but I’ll give it some more thought after breakfast.