Fun Fun

First time in oregon, first time doing furry outing anything, and first con/CFT!

Had a lot of fun. There were a few “meh” points but overall, it was a blast. I’m sorry, but I’m afraid CFT spoiled me because I don’t think I’d ever be able to enjoy my time as much at a normal hotel con when CFT is basically a much better format in every way, especially since I love camping! The fact that you can attend without knowing anyone because you WILL make some friends if you put small effort in getting involved with things, the fact that the dances are awesome (taking a break by the large bonfire owns sitting at the sidelines in a dance room), the meals, the fact that the camping atmosphere brings more people together to do legitimately fun/cool stuff without needing a “room party” to have any fun, etc. It’s totally a con you can go to without knowing anybody, and then walk away knowing half the camp and making a handful of friends. So yes, it was worth driving all the way from Ohio to do, since there really is no other con I know about like it! Maybe one or two in Oklahoma but… it’s Oklahoma! The west > midwest, as someone who lives in the midwest :stuck_out_tongue:

There were some bad parts though. Nothing dealbreaking, but just a bit disappointing. First off, on a lighter note, we totally needed to have some “classic” hiking/exploration style happenings! For a camp, there was a surprisingly little amount of hiking going on (except to the waterfall). I also think it would have been cool to organized a trek to the lakes in the area that I heard about, but never actually knew where they were. This isn’t really a bad point I guess, but just an idea for something to do :slight_smile:

As far as feedback goes, I definatly think happenings need to be much more organized, both on part of the person actually doing the happening and on the sceduling. I like the “looser” format, but in reality it just makes it so 80% of the really cool stuff I wanted to do that was in the con book, never ended up actually happening. It would help if there was set start times for major happenings, and minor happenings could just be listed as “after dinner” and such. I.E. “Watergun Fight! Starts somewhere between 4-5pm”. This’ll allow people who are doing other stuff to still trickle in before they miss out, and allow for any deviations. But there’ll still be a dedicated time slot for it, promoting it to actually happen.

Another thing that I was disappointed in was the hot breakfast, especially compaired to the unusually amazing dinners (except for the porkchop one, but that was only cause the rain made things run late and made it so side items were’nt on the menu). I say unusual, because out of all the times I’ve been camping, I’ve never had any as fancy and delicious as those ;D . But the hot breakfast option ($20 more - I know thats not all it pays for but I’m not going to lie when I say I was a sponsor for the hot breakfast :v ) was rather lacking. Oatmeal was decent, but to me oatmeal = cereal, and I tend to prefer my cereal cold, so it seemed more like a breakfast option to happen on the last morning (where a quick-to-make breakfast counts and is good) than the first morning to kick the con off. Pancakes were good… but the servings were tiny, and JUST a small serving of pancakes felt underwhelming. Same for the breakfast burritos. I love breakfast burritos, but these were more like eggs-in-a-tortilla-with-and-oddly-bitter-taste than true breakfast burritos. One way to of made this breakfast AWESOME would have been a “build your own breakfast burrito”, where we could put eggs, potatoes, sausage, ham, cheese, etc and make our own using ingredients we want. Camp staff could be there to make sure nobody takes a giant glob of X ingredent so theres enough for everyone.

Anyways, overall though, I really loved it. Wish we could go next year, but I doubt it. It’s a long drive, that is also semi expensive in gas/rental. But part of the reason we did it was the “road trip” factor :slight_smile: and experiencing new things/traveling around! So totally worth the drive for that. We’re still not back to Ohio yet as a matter of fact - our last night in Denver is right now, we’ll be straight shotting our way home tommorrow. But point is - awesome awesome con. I wish I lived out in Oregon so I could come every year!