Frost Fox's Survival Treats

Bringing this back again cause I enjoy doing this and people seem to enjoy a cool treat in the desert. During these grueling times in a post apocalyptic world it’s nice to have something cool in the hot and unforgiving weather and that’s where Frost Fox’s Survival Treats come in!

In these tough times one forgets about cold treats thought to be long lost to the unforgiving heat and harshness of the post apocalypse. But there are rumors and legends that have been carefully spread around about a mysterious traveler with an equally mysterious machine. Some say this machine contains long forgotten technology that creates something cold and wonderful that soothes one’s weary and tired soul, others say the machine is commanded by one born from snow and ice itself. Of course there are those that scoff and say no such being could exist anymore. Few have caught a glimpse of this traveler and even fewer have said to have once tasted these wonderful treats for themselves. The scarceness of these individuals have lead many to believe this mysterious traveler doesn’t exist and that those who claimed to have their lips cooled from the fabled treats are just delirious. But for those who hold hope that these wondrous treats exist, as well as the traveler that produces them, they scour the northwest, hoping for a chance to find this mysterious traveler that might renew their long forgotten taste of a treat so cold and wonderful, you feel like you could walk on fire.

So if the heat gets to you, if you’re looking for a savory sweet treat, if you’re on your last leg and just want some sustenance of some kind, or if you’re like this fabled traveler and just enjoy ice and ice related treats don’t give up! Rumors are said to hold some grain of truth behind them so who’s to say these rumors aren’t worth following? In such difficult and treacherous times hope can give strength to those that are on the brink of giving up so why not hold out for something so wonderful and tasty? They say if you keep an eye out for it you’ll catch a glimpse of a sign with the being said to be born from the snow behind it, welcoming you with a friendly smile and the machine of legend that somehow creates wondrous and soothing treats.

This friendly being sure knows how bad the heat can get and is more than happy to give a small reprieve from the sun’s harsh rays with these tasty snow treats that are said to cool the thirst, body, and soul. If you happen to see this mysterious traveler and his mysterious machine be sure to stop by and give him a visit and he may just give you something yummy for your journey if you ask him nicely. He also appreciates some company and maybe a hug or two as it gets lonely traveling by one’s self in such grueling times and if legends are true he must work very hard to give those weary souls something cold to enjoy. If you happen to catch these rumors and legends here and wish to turn them to your favor, you could reply with rumors and wonderings of your own and he may just be carrying that lovely taste and flavor. So if you wish for a taste of your favorite flavor then be sure to send your wishes to the wind and they’re sure to reach the mysterious traveler’s ears.


hey darling, when would you like to do this during con?

I sent a message to Morse about it. I want to keep the details about it more mysterious.

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