Frost Fox's Frosty Treats

I’m making this an official event deal this year. If you were around last year and were around to get some I had brought my ice shaving machine for shaved ice treats and I intend to do so this year as well, though more prepared. I’ll have more flavors, cups, and spoons as well as more ice! I’ll most likely try to do this around lunch or dinner so that everyone is already around and could get a chance to get some.

Like last year all I ask is something in trade whether it’s supplies for my machine, food, candy, or even funds/donations toward the ice shaving supply stock. Also if you help me in some way to get to the con or getting/storing supplies I’ll give you a freebee. Any of those would be accepted. Now I won’t be there for a long time since I’ll be wanting to enjoy the con as well but I’ll be doing this for more than just one day so if you aren’t able to get one then don’t fret cause there will be another chance. :3
(NOTE: Please be responsible with any cups or utensils given to you from this event and don’t lose them as I won’t have an infinite supply. Also please don’t leave them lying around for others to pick up, if you’re done with them and won’t get more consider giving it to someone you know or just toss them in the appropriate containers.)

Looking forward to seeing everyone and new peoples this year, be sure to come by cause it’ll be hot out there and shaved ice treats are amazing for the heat. :slight_smile:


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