Frost Fox Fun

I’ve been thinking about this for a few days and I think it will be fun. I would like to hold tournaments for the different games I will be bringing(croquet, volley ball, twister, any other game I have in my inventory). These tournaments will be rewarded with a prize going to the winner and it will be something of worth, though nothing too extravagant. I’m going to assign different prizes to different events and the more difficult the event is, the better the prize will be.

Also I will be playing in the games some how but will not be eligible for a prize. Meaning if I win the prize just goes to second place. If there’s something you have and would like to add please feel free to put it out there :3

Here’s what I’m thinking so far
Croquet* Uno* >:3
Jai Lite
Volley Ball
Touch Football(if there’s enough interest)
Rally Ball

Events are listed, from my point of view, based on difficulty to win (Uno gets it’s own category, for good reason). If there is an event here someone does not know I will explain. Also anything marked with this “*” has my own little twist to it.

Also I saw somewhere there was talks of Capture the Flag and though of a neat idea. If it were to be camp vs. camp I think it would be fun if the middle camp was neutral. Meaning the other two camps would have to not only try to get the opposite camps flag, but avoid those who are in the middle camp as well. The middle camp would be after anyone they see crossing into their boarders but could not pursue if said intruder were to leave. They would have their own jail for captured prisoners just the other two camps would but their duty is to “keep the peace” if you could say.

Or we could divide everyone into three groups and if the middle group happens to capture someone with a stolen flag, the middle team changes places with the team the prisoner belongs to. But only if they have a flag, otherwise it’s just to jail.

I know that’s quite a bit but I would really love to hear anyone’s opinion on any of this. I think it would be really fun and I quite like the idea of capture the flag in any sense. Also if people are interested in the tournament ideas I would like some input on potential prizes as you all would be the ones competing for them. ^^

Actually Xander this is christina and I was the one planning up the capture the flag. This is an excellent idea I believe… would you help me plan???

I like Croquet :smiley:

Volleyball would be fabulous! I was thinking of purchasing a net and ball myself! But, I would love for you to spearhead some of these team games. :slight_smile:

Absolutely. I would like to play them and get others into them so if we can make it happen that would be awesome ^^