Found: A Single Dog Bootie

For a larger dog. Looks like probably a right paw?

My dog managed to lose one of his booties near camp Nevada while I was packing to leave. I looked for a while but couldn’t find it so it might be mine :stuck_out_tongue:

The size was large.

Yup this is a Large bootie. If you post a picture of one of the remaining ones I can verify for sure! If you’re Portland-local you’re welcome to come pick it up, otherwise we can mail it back to you :3

[This is totally irrelevant to the topic and I apologize, but I just gotta say it:]
“A Single Dog Bootie” would make a great Cards Against Humanity card… :smile:

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o ya bb i got ur single dog bootie rite hurr :U


Lol, I totally spaced out and forgot about this. If you’re going to CFT 2016 I’ll gladly take the bootie, but otherwise I might just buy new ones for him :3

Yup, I’ll be there, I’ll bring it