Tell X_Panther what you thought of the menu this year!

(Personally, my favorite meal was the chicken on Saturday night. Mmm, peanut sauce…)

-Chicken Satay was awesome, although I think it might have made me ill (I can’t really confirm)
-The BBQ chicken was fabulous, along with the macaroni salad.

Hell most of the menu items work quite yummy.

Chicken satay and Crowley’s pork rocked! Can’t comment on the BBQ chicken as I didn’t eat dinner that day.

I seek the recipe for the peanut sauce :9

I thought the menu was wonderful! Everything was delicious, and mad props to everyone who helped out with the food. Also, great job with the timing! :smiley:

Thank you for the epic serving of that amazing peanut sauce that went with the chicken satay. nomnomnomnomnomnom.
I too desire the recipe.

Most variety I’ve had at any camping trip…ever. I was very happy to not have been stuck eating hamburgers and hotdogs the whole weekend. And, being asian, I can say the rice/peanut sauce/satay skewers were pretty damned good and pretty “asian” :stuck_out_tongue: I did have a few odd stomach hiccups though it is a camping trip and it’s not like we’re cooking in a sanitized kitchen but rather in the middle of a dirt filled desert. Many thanks to Xander, Sparky, Oki, and the rest of the crazy kitchen staff for a very enjoyable selection of fine delicacies. Oh yeah, Koda’s paper bag eggs and bacon were friggin amazing too :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah just about all of it was awesome, a huge step up from what I even do cooking when I camp (burgers and dogs or canned chili). The Satay Chicken and the Pulled Pork were especially good, as was Sparky’s bacon.

Yup, pretty much loved every bit of it. Much love to everyone who helped in the kitchen. <3

The chicken with peanut sauce was awesome. So was the macaroni. ;D

Pit BBQ. MmmMmm.

Just incredible. I can’t say I’ve ever eaten better while camping or at a con. Hell it beats most restaurants I’ve been to. The only thing I could ever ask for is MOAR!

The Chicken and Macaroni were so good it even made scrubbing the pots worthwhile :stuck_out_tongue:

Really though, major props to our cooks and everyone else that helped in the kitchen! Some of the best camp food I ever tasted!

I ate so well at camp… and then I came back home and started eating crap food again.

i know the feeling. got home today and way greeted with nothing to cook accept hamburgers. x.x xD

That macaroni was awesome, even when it came back up after what was probably too much fruit wine

Pulled pork = <3

I honestly lost interest in the chicken meals, but that was my own personal thing. Also heard a couple of times that the food wasn’t cooked all the way.

The quesidilla lunch was awesome too. And the breakfast burritos x3

I think, though, we should start some sort of fruit fund. Vitamin C is a good thing to have around when camping with 100+ people. I’d contribute to the fruit fund.

I agree Mara. Plus I would have liked more veggies. First thing I did on the way home was stop for a big salad and some fruit, lol.

The salads were delicious at dinner and I really wished there was more.
The first thing Pix and I did was stop and get huge Jamba Juices xD

i too wish there was more plant matter in the meals <3

I liked the pulled pork, but found I was biting into a lot of grit… maybe the peppercorns or whatnot. It’s tasty, but I would preferer not to have to have a crown done in the states :stuck_out_tongue: