Food, other stuff?

What do we know about eating so far? Do we need to bring food, snacks?
Are there any restroom?

As listed on the About page, there are restrooms onsite and portable showers are provided. As for the rest, post coming up shortly.

At all times there will be water, sports drinks and lemonade available, along with salted snacks, nuts, berries and chips. Regular attendees will be given cold cereal breakfasts and coldcut sandwiches for lunch. Serving times are: 10am breakfast, 2pm lunch, 6pm dinner. A rough plan for menu is as follows(and may be changed when the formal menu gets it’s own page on the site):

Thursday: We’ll be ready to start receiving people at 1pm. Until dinner there will be salted snacks and drinks, and dinner may be delayed until everyone is situated.

Thursday night:
Spinach and Red Lettuce Salad,
Yucatan roasted pork
homegrilled flatbread and hummus

Friday Patron/Sponsor Breakfast: Pancakes and Eggs with homefries

Friday Sponsor Lunch: Pick-n-pull stir fry with chicken and rice noodles

Friday Dinner:
Baby greens salad
Grilled chicken quarter(leg and thigh)
Macaroni Salad
Herb-buttered bread
Fresh Strawberry Pie!

Saturday Patron/Sponsor Breakfast: Bacon and Eggs with Homefries

Saturday Sponsor Lunch: Tempeh Tacos with feta, cilantro and lime

Saturday Dinner
Sweet Cucumber Salad
Chicken Satay
white/fried rice with lime
sweet fritters!

Sunday Patron/Sponsor Breakfast: Chorizo and Eggs with Homefries

Sunday Sponsor Lunch: Monte Cristo Sandwiches

Sunday dinner:
Cobb salad
Grilled Bratwurst on buns
Vegetarian Chili
Coffee Cake!

Monday FREE FOR ALL BREAKFAST: Pick-n-pull Killer Breakfast Burritos

Thanks a lot for all this info. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! <3

Just curious, if you get the patron or sponsor breakfast/lunch are you able to pass on the hot lunch/breakfast and opt for the cold one instead if you don’t like what is being served at that particular meal? I assume so, but you know what they say about assuming. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for asking, and yes you can forego the hot breakfast/lunch for something else if it’s not to your liking! If it’s due to a specific dietary preference(kosher, allergies, vegetarian/vegan etc) we’re willing to accommodate that as well.

“At all times there will be water, sports drinks and lemonade available”

Any chance there will be anything sugar-free besides the water? I’m used to toting along my own drinks everywhere, but I thought I’d ask. Thanks.

Being as I myself am not a big sugar fan, the answer is yes. Any preferences?

Oh…no preferences. Thank you. :slight_smile: (Except I can’t stand iced tea, that’s often the only sugar-free drink available.) I mean like, if there’s lemonade, there could be sugar-free lemonade or whatever. And I can’t have sports drinks at all. I’ll bring a bunch of those drink packets you mix into water bottles in any case. And is there going to be coffee or other caffeinated things available at all?

edit: I’m sorry, I know I’m not even registered yet, I probably shouldn’t be trying to change the menu. :wink: I hope to register within the week or so.

Back in 2008 when I first started this thing I tried supplying people with coffee and tea, but really, I drink neither, and found soon after that people have such wide preferences in both that I decided to leave it up to the attendees to supply their own tea and coffee. There will be hot cocoa, though, for the chilly mornings and evenings.

Sorry, I thought of something else, sorry if it was mentioned: will you guys provide ice, like for the water/lemonade/drinks we bring ourselves?

Yes we will! :slight_smile:

I’ve been meaning to ask, and if it’s been mentioned it’s totally slipped my mind, but will we have a weenie/marshmallow roast at some point? At least marshmallows for s’mores. Because that would be awesome. If it’s not an official thing maybe some of us could do it on our own.

We’ll see what we can do for s’mores. :slight_smile:

Question, if I’m helping host an event during a meal time, how will I get my food? :3

If someone has a Happening scheduled during a mealtime(which we will try not to do!), we’ll be sure to save and keep enough food portions for said host and participants when their Happening concludes!

I am going to make sure there is kind of a “meal break” for all of the happenings during dinner. Since lunch is cold (unless your a patron/sponsor) there might be some scheduled then but I will do my best not to.

The happening schedule will be coming together in the next month so I will have a complete answer for you by then.

food we don’t need food. If yur worried about food then have someone make you a plat and put it too the side for you. I know with a lot of people it could be chaotic