Food Feedback! Let us know how we did!

Hi there! I’m Hawkfeather, CFT’s kitchen second. I along with @x_panther, @OkiWolf, and our crew volunteers work hard in the kitchen day in and day out at camp to keep you folks fed. Most of us have been doing this a while, and we think we are in a good place with the kitchen.

However, when cooking for a large crowd like this, we know its hard to satisfy everyone’s tastes and preferences. Because of this, we are always working to make the menu better for you, and a bit easier on us too so we don’t burn ourselves out.

So, here is the place to speak up! What was your favorite meal? What was your least favorite meal? Were there any concerns about how the food was being prepared? Any suggestions you would like to offer us to improve? Let us know what you think!

Omg that chicken & rice w/ peanut sauce was seriously amazing! Everything on the menu the whole weekend was very tasty but oh man I couldnt get enough of that peanut sauce! Hats off to you guys in the kitchen (also I apologize for Sasha & all the other dogs trying to sneak in the kitchen, it just smelled so good! lol)

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Chicken satay never fails to please, the hamburgers were quite awesome as well (Even if they did splatter me with grease from behind the griddle lol). I overheard a few express that the chili was too spicy for them so may need to tone that down next time.

Hard to really nitpick anything because ya guys /are/ making food in the middle of the desert/forest after all, and being in the kitchen myself I know how things can play out.

This all being said, tasty food all around and X didn’t even have to launch a radio 50ft again xD

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One suggestion that I can think of right off the top of my head:

An easier way to distinguish the people who chose the vegan option would be to put a green dot on the badge of the vegans an a red dot on the badge of non-vegans.

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I like the idea of making some kind of veg equivelent to the carnivore fangs we do for people who donate for meat.


@kilo Sasha wasn’t a hassle at all. We did have some dogs wonder through from time to time, but luckily we were good about shooing them away before they got into anything. Also, Glad you liked the satay sauce, its one of our favorites too :smiley:

@Sitku Yes! the burgers were awesome! Thank you so much for your help slinging patties, we couldn’t have done it without you!

And as somebody with more mild tastes, the chili was definitely a touch spicy for me too. I wasn’t there until it came to the serving of this meal, and we will try to tone it down a bit next year so its a little easier on our campers :slight_smile:

@BennetFox @OkiWolf I love this idea. We didn’t have our usual food survey this year like we normally do to identify whos eating vegetarian and who isn’t, but if we manage to implement that again in the future I’d really like to see this happen.

Food was great as always! The slaw served with the burgers could have used less vinegar and some more other flavors but really everything was good. Like other years, I learned a few new things about cooking for a big group.

Thanks to kitchen staff for making an important part of CFT excellent.

The only problem i can foresee about this would be somebody who need to substitute some meals (for health or religious purposes). For example, I’m okay with all the meals, except for those which include chicken (it upsets my IBS), therefore i need to substitute for the veggie option for those meals.

If this does happen, maybe a third option for those who have “certain special meal needs”.

The Peanut Satay is always my favorite. I was actually pleased at the spiciness of the chili as I usually expect mass appeal foods to be on the mild side (with good reason it seems according to other comments haha). That being said, I am very happy that Sriracha is a condiment you guys keep on hand! Would love if a small apple or some carrot sticks or something could be offered with cold lunch to add a little nutrition and flavor variety. Overall I think you guys do a great job and I am grateful every year for all the work you guys put in to keep us fed and make some great dinners I look forward to each year :smile: :meat_on_bone: :wolf:

Either my tastes expanded, or the chili was just better this year, I can’t tell! My favorite dinner was easily Beau’s burgers, especially because a lot of people seemed to get seconds. My least favorite, like every year, was the Baked Potato. You guys need more basic condiments, like salt/pepper, maybe some butter or margarine to slather on. I also noticed you guys had sour cream out for another meal, but not for the Baked Potatoes which would have made a simple and delicious addition to people who don’t like putting that and their chili together.

I do really appreciate you guys keeping us well fed :slight_smile: <3

I agree with you on the baked potato thing. While I still ate my entire potato, some salt/pepper or at least a pad of butter would have been nice to add. I’d like to see if that’s something we can make available at meal times in the future.

I also like Elie’s suggestion of fruits and veggies being available at lunch to go with the sandwiches for attendees if there’s a popular demand for it. Our sandwiches aren’t really enough to sate people on their own, so a simple cold side dish would be a nice addition to balance it out.