Flyers for BLFC?

I am in the process to host a panel about Camping at BLFC. During the panel I’ll be happy to mention CampFire Tails and distribute flyers.

Is anyone attending BLFC in Reno NV bringing a stack of flyers or is the a flyer in PDF available on the website?

Hi Wereman!

So glad you mentioned your panel! I’d love to have some items prepped for you to hand out or go over.

We’re currently planning our BLFC room-party, and I’d be happy to roll some extra doo-dads in for your panel.

I’ll be back in contact when materials are ready, and we can set up logistics of getting them to you!

Thank you for thinking of us!

Thank you for your reply Gnoll. It looks the panel will be held Friday afternoon at 4pm. Ideal is to pick up any promotional material and flyers in the afternoon. Also interested in the room party.

I too am interested in this so-called “room party” you speak of :wink:

I’ll try to drop into the 4pm panel if I can find time, just to cheer on CFT :heart_eyes:

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Let me know whether you furs have flyers ready by BLFC :slight_smile:

Hi Wereman~ I’m pulling together flyers this weekend. :3~ A member of staff will ping you on this thread from the con to pass them over.

Thank you again for your help!

Thank you for your reply. The panel is held Friday 4-5 pm in the Teton room. A staff can drop them off at the beginning, during the panel or at the end. Should any CFT staff be available at the end of the panel to give a 2-minute presentation about the camping event I’ll welcome that.