Fire Spinning Permitted at CFT?

Is there any way of knowing if we are permitted to spin fire? I’ve been made aware of a one tree burnt limit, and that there are open spots away from any trees, bushes, etc…

I do have two people who would be fire safe-tying for me, both have been present at our local fire nights, understand procedures, etc…

If an answer is unknown, could it be considered? I would like to spin as part of an artistic contribution to CFT. Please and thank you

Unfortunately, the answer is “no” – the Forest Service’s rules for the campsite prohibit us from having any open flame outside of fire rings, which includes fire toys. :confused: (Trust me, I really wish we could – I spin fire poi, myself!)

If you have any non-fire LED/glowy toys, though, definitely bring those! I know it’s Just Not The Same, but there will be music/dancing of some sort pretty much every night, so lots of opportunity to spin. :slight_smile:

Awww, super sad days then :confused: I’ll have to see if my friends got the LED staffs working again and see if they’d let me borrow one for that weekend. Most of my friends only have one set so I’d feel too bad asking for a loan :confused:

Where there’s a will there’s a way, it’s just my practice staff is far from pretty

If you have seen g how quickly and how massive first fires get out there you wouldn’t even need to ask. This time of year, it’s a shocker they are even allowing camp fires.

See, what did I say. Now the event is likely to be cancelled by a human caused first fire.

Geez, chill out. High fire risk, no burning fire. Don’t need to get your panties in a notch

@Delathar I believe @Polybun is referring to the nearby forest fire that started last night, which they estimate is human-caused since there has been no lightning in the area lately.
The point is that indeed, forest fires quickly get out of control, and that everyone should be extra vigilant about their campfires this year, which means:
*no unattended fires
*keep a water bucket next to your fire at all times.
*bring a fire extinguisher too if you can
*drown your fire. Stir it. Turn it over. Drown it again. There should be a pool of standing water in your fire ring when you’re done.

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To just followup on this, the Ranger Station is telling us the fire is already 30% controlled and increasing. Alert dropped from a preparedness level 1 yesterday to a 3 this morning. The station called to say it’s now at its lowest alert. We can expect smoke but little else, thankfully. Camp is on!

Thank you Crowley for the update!

@Tyco for helping clear up. When i tried to find the information that spurred Poly’s statement i couldn’t find much except nothing in view of where we would be camping

Strange that the fire never showed on, but no matter, good to hear. Looking at Inciniweb, there was a planned burn for that area, and a planned burn that happened in may should keep the fire fuel deprived should it try to move north.

From what I can gather the fire is also a low creeper, which will make a good deal of smoke but shouldn’t move too awfully quickly.

My roomate kitch was in sisters two years ago for that fire. That scrub can burn hella hot when conditions are right. It killed everything to a depth of 4feet on that one. We went to scout the fire area last month, just to have a look but the forest is closed to the public so it can recover.