FAQ's , are there any? I have questions!

I am not seeing a FAQ on the web site or in the forums. SO, here are my FAQ-worthy questions:

  1. Does the site have pit toilets? Or do we have to supply our own latrine supplies?
  2. Is there a water source nearby, ro do we bring all our own water?
  3. If there is a source, is it potable water?
  4. If there is a source, is there a shower?
  5. Is there a body of water nearby that allows swimming?
  6. Is the site RV accessible, or tent camping only?
  7. Are the vehicles and RV’s limited to camping in a specific area, like a parking lot, or can you still be a part of a group camp along side tent camping?

There are vault toilets and clean well water from spigots. For showers, we have platforms with privacy screens and solar showers.
I think we can accomodate an RV with advance notice, but vehicles will be restricted to specific areas.

See my post about the RV in the other thread you replied to.

There’s a running creek we dam off a short walk from the site (runs alongside it). On hot days, it’s quite nice for soaking and bathing with biodegradable soap, if that’s your thing. :slight_smile:

There’s also a couple big lakes (one is better for swimming in) that are only a short 10 or 15 minute drive from the campsite. The swimming lake has hot springs in certain spots, too. =]

Oh god hotsprings

You said the magic word

What kind of hotsprings we talking about here? Individual ones or a large lake/body of water where some areas are warmer than others?

There are spots along the embankment you can walk to where people have the area that’s the size of a hot tub quardoned off that has a hot spring dug out. Have to be careful, though. If you see bubbles rising up in a spot, that’s probably boiling hot water and you will burn your footpaws. I, like a dumbass, learned that the hard way, last year. C= You might want to bring water moccasins if you have them. There are some spots that are quite rocky.