Fake Plans - Cider, Music, Meet up

Hey folks, still not 100% positive I can make it, but why let that get in the way of planning, eh?

  1. The tasting of ciders.
    - What if I did a few smaller cider tastings, so that I might get to speak a bit more at length about what makes a dry different from a sour? I figure I might do 2-3 short ones for groups of about 10-15, and that might make them a bit more low key. I could also make some themed flights if I know what folks drink . . . Lemme know if your camp ever wants a roving cider-man to come there. (P.S. - Any interest in cocktails? I’d love to do a bit of simple academic alchemy around spirits if people were up for it.)

  2. Music

    • Considering doing a live music show, a burlesque of sorts. No mics, so probably some relatively quiet, but perhaps boisterous stuff. This would more be some background noise for people to sit around and talk around, rather than a dance or anything of the like. Of course, it’s to some degree contingent on if Lello brings his sweet sweet keyboard back this year. If anyone else has any fun acts they can do in 5-20 minutes, maybe we can make a cabaret of it.
  3. Meet and Greet
    - I’m bad at meeting new people. This is sad, because I love to meet new people. I think it might be productive on the first day to break the ice somehow. Maybe just a group activity for those who want to get to know each other, or maybe a guided tour of the camps and what the deal with each one is. Heck, even a people scavenger hunt (find a person who ___________) might work.

Lemme know if you have any ideas, comments, concerns, complaints, or conniptions regarding any of the above.

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The cider tastings sound fun!

Your cider tasting was seriously one of my favorite events the last two years I have went! I hope you can do it again if you make it. :slight_smile:

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Would love to do cider tastings again! Always a pleasure to hear more about cider! :slight_smile: Thank you for last year and the year before! :slight_smile:

Well, it looks like I can make it, so now I just need to find a new batch of ciders.

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Glad you’ve enjoyed the cider thus far. Looks like I’ll get this year to find some new oddballs.

Well, ima make it happen then.

If you would like any suggestions, there is a few I can offer. I am really glad that you might be able to make it this year! If you need any help running this, let me know!

By all means, suggest away!

Always a favorite! I’d be happy to see this again this year. ^.^

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I love cider and mead and would love to do some sort of burlesque show

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Did you still want to do a Meet and Greet?

I think I might just try to do it informally. Not really sure . . .

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