Eugene to CFT

I need room for 2 from eugene to CFT. I and my mate are intrested about going.

I can probably find room to squeeze you and your mate in between staff cars if you can help with gas. Also keeping in mind we’d be onsite from the 3rd to the 9th for setup/breakdown

If you don’t want to get there on staff time, I’m also taking off from Eugene.

Can I get in on that?

Sure you can.

May need a lift myself: Diamond’s unsure for now due to being laid off.
Yepdook, Diamond’s moving that weekend, so I won’t be carpooling with him. Anything open?

Could somebody who keeps in touch with mayhew tell him he should drop me a line?

Ok, Skit and beata can ride with me, and there’d be room in the back for one more if you don’t bring much.