Equipment needed!

To help offset costs, if anybody can volunteer to loan any of the following equipment to the event, we’d much appreciate it! We are budgeting for a lot of out expenses, but if anybody can help in any area regarding, it would help us have more freedom to put into extra fun content at CFT!

Canopy Tents
Gas Tanks(for the generators)
Chuck box
5-6kw generators
Folding Tables
Stage lighting and misc stage equipment

I have a couple of large tarps (one heavy duty, one not so much) at my disposal if that helps any

What size is the heavy duty?

12’ X 30’ I think, I’ll double check that tomorrow X3

We can make use of that!

Alrighty! I will bring it down with me :3

I thought this camp out was to get away from the daily life of electronics and such - why are you all hauling in generators for a camping trip?

It sounds more like a rock concert in the middle of a dessert.

Although camping in the middle of a dessert does sound interesting.

We need power for lights at night, to power our fridge/freezer so we don’t have soggy food on the last day, and to power our CB base unit for staff to stay in communication. Of course there’s the stage, too, but even if we weren’t doing our stage activities, we’d still need power.

We need more donations! Every little bit helps!

Chest Freezer(Maybe with a padlock? We’re in bear country)
at least 1/2 cord firewood
sprayable chalk
5-gallon buckets
propane tanks
leaf rakes
cot(s) for the medical station
tarps! (the larger the better: we have a need for 1800 square feet in tarps minimum!)
tent stakes
drink coolers
card tables
coffee cans(cigarette butt cans)
dinner bell

ADDITIONALLY! If any of you have experience with, have, or know someone who has access to a cooling tree for fursuits, SPEAK UP! I’m planning on dedicating a tented area in the sandbox with a privacy screen for suiters! If you can help out in any way, you could potentially help save the life of someone who is unwise enough to put on a suit in the middle of the day!

Presuming I attend (At this point ‘probable’; should be certain in the next week or so) I can bring some quantity of firewood. Just how much depends on how dry the pieces of fruit tree I cut last winter gets by August - not near half a cord but every bit helps. :slight_smile: (If 2X4 scraps would be useful I could bring a trash barrel full.)

Depending on what they would be used for I may be able to loan some buckets that have been used for miscellaneous garden purposes; and I’ll keep my eye open for any more I could get for free. Same goes for large tin cans - I’ll save any i empty from here on.

Every bit of burnables helps! The big thing is that the wood be paint, glue and nail free!

As far as buckets goes, Tiggress(our art director) is hoping to transform some of them into decorative toadstool seats!

I can see If I can borrow my Mother Tarps We got about 4 of them out there in Banks as for tables I might be able too get thoughs too but it is less likely

Every little bit helps! Thanks!

I have canopy tents and various other group camping items that I am willing to lend to the effort. I used to be an active member of a medieval reenactment society and so have LOTS of stuff. Please feel free to email at to discuss.

H. Fox Bennett

i can loan a canopy tent with a bug net and a couple of tarps, and maby a chair or two

Sent an email to Demon Fox. Copper Scales, send me a PM please with info about the canopy. Thank you!

OK tarps are good I just bought new ones,

I might have a few tarps laying around somewheres…

If I find em I’ll let you know.

I have put up photo of the red tent I plan to bring in this thread.

ive gotta retract my offer of tarps my car is rediculusly full and i need to fit two more ppls stuff in there i will still be bringing the canopy tent/bugnet and the shovel