Electricity and Equipment Usage/Requirements

Hello! I am Saph, we will leave it at that.

As some of you may know, I will be providing a large bulk of the AV gear used for the nighttime dances, some ambient lighting, and a generator for general use. I will be making my gear available for use for day time gathering events, if you require the use of a PA, or electricity. These need to be cleared in advance with Beauchamp (Bryan) so he can schedule them in.

Is anyone else bringing any equipment of this nature? I know that Pixelito will be bringing additional AV gear as well, however I am not sure if anyone else is bringing a general use generator. The generator requires gasoline, and while I will be providing the generator for the evening dances, and daytime events, if you are in need of a more extended use of electricity, you will need to provide gasoline for such (physically, because I am only bringing about 10gallons with me)

If you are bringing any of this type of gear to the event, please reply to this thread with what you are bringing, or what you can bring (so that we aren’t bringing a bunch of duplicates) and if you are in need of use of any of this gear, please co-ordinate that with Bryan (Beauchamp) so he can pencil you in.

Thank you!
Richard Thomas
~Saphy of Portland

I’ll attempt to contribute some fuel!
It really depends on how much money I actually have when the time comes, but I’ll do my best to bring a few gallons!