East Coast Roadtrippin (maybe kinda)

Just dropping in to say hi!

Me and my BF might be doing this, depending on our work and if we can scrounge up enough money. We live in Ohio, and I’ve kinda been wanting to do a roadtrip out west this summer. So figured this could be a perfect destination, especially since we have a friend who lives in Oregon and I never stop getting jealous over it (east coast boooo) :slight_smile:

Also because there’s probably cool stuff to see along the way! Alas, it’ll pretty much require us to take off 2 weeks of work for the drive, and pay a good chunk of cash on gas (being 5000mile round trip). But it would be cool! So hopefully you might see us register if you guys aren’t full yet. We’ll obviously need to decide before the first of course :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone done a drive between here and there before? Any advice or cool places to see? ;D

This would be my first cross-country road trip that I’m “planning” (rather being organized by someone else), should we be able to actually do it :slight_smile: I’ve not been camping in forever too, and I very much miss it. Also, speaking of firsts, this would be the first time I’m around other furs other than my BF of course :wink: Hopefully you guys are a nice bunch of people hehe.

Bring a camera :smiley: