Drum Circle?

This is an interest check for those interested in bringing in a handdrum of some sort to form a drumcircle while at Campfire Tails. Immediately following dinner I have plans to hold an open ceremony, where you get to see the faces of staff and volunteers helping everybody out and we lay down a rehashing of some simple ground rules. The idea I had was to immediately follow the ceremony with a bonfire and drum circle. I know that Cobalt, Tiggress and Balthazar all have Djembes. Does anybody else have a drum for the cause they’re interested in bringing out and playing? Additionally, I’d like us to have a drum circle lead, such as someone playing a stringed instrument or a woodwind instrument to just help carry us along. Any takers? Anybody else with a drum joining our little event? :slight_smile:

…I can make one out of a coffee can, then join… cry

Sounds like a neat idea though. :3

It’s funny that you mention that…


Many common percussion instrumennts can be made using simple recycled materials, and in many street shows and large drum circles, often are. Take a look at some of the drum circles on youtube. You’ll get the idea. It’s drums, but also anything that makes enough nosie that someone can beat on to get a rhythm out of.

I may bring my bongos or something of the like.