Driving down From SW Portland 2 Seats Available

Howdy, I know this is a little last minute, but I have 2 seats available in my Honda Fit. (My Fit can fit all!) Planing on Leaving SW Portland Thursday morning or afternoon and staying until Monday.

If anyone who is near by or on the way needs a ride hit me up.

I’d like to hitch a ride with you! I’d be bringing a bag for my tent, a small bag for clothes/toiletries, and a big cooler full of refreshments you are welcome to partake in! If needed, I could consolidate my tent/clothes bag in to one bag and just bring a mini cooler (or no cooler at all) depending on how many are coming with us and how much room is left. Gas money can be given, of course, but will you even need it with that Fit of yours?! (Just kidding.) =]

Let me know!

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