Dreamcatcher making class?*cancelled*

So, I know how to make them and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in learning how while at campfire tails.

If so maybe I could take pre-orders for supplies.

So, if you want to learn and would like to take a class just let me know whether you would prefer if I posted a list of needed supplies for interested people to bring or if I charged a materials fee and brought up relevant materials or whether I should do both.

I’ve worked in craft stores since I was 15 and I never learned how to make those (I have made a mandela though). So I might be interested, I could replace my store-bought dreamcatcher with a homemade one.

What I would suggest doing is if you budget allows it bring some cheap extra supplies for people to learn how to make there own. Then maybe bring some that you have crafted that you could possible sell. I’m sure people would love to learn how to make dream catchers but not every one can make things look the best so they might just want to buy one.

Sounds like a good idea, dream catchers are pretty cool.

So I worked out the best way to do the class and here’s what I’ve come up with:

I will bring supplies in pretty basic colors (Black, brown or grey suede lace with natural or white sinew, and matching colored feathers and beads) and anyone who wants to use my materials pays 8$ to cover costs, or those who already have supplies or wants to have specific colors I have prepared a shopping list, all of which can be purchased at Micheal’s Craft Stores.

Here’s an example of the kind of dreamcatcher we will be making: I’ve been running low on supplies so it’s more on the simple side.

Here’s a shopping list for those who would rather bring their own supplies.
A metal or wooden hoop.
Suede Lace (At least 2 yards for up to a 5" diameter hoop)
Artificial Sinew (comes in natural; pictured, or white.)
Super glue (Optional, but I use some to reinforce certain spots to increase the longevity of the dreamcatcher)

If anyone is still interested please post here to let me know so I know how much supplies I should bring, think you!

I’ll try to wrangle up my own supplies, but I’ll let you know if I don’t/can’t. :slight_smile:

Sorry I guys, I just can’t afford to buy any supplies this year. Maybe next year. If you bought your own supplies I’ll still be willing to teach you, but i can’t afford to bring supplies for others. :confused: