Drawing games! (Sunday morning?)

Let’s do drawing games!

I’ll bring card stock and drawing supplies. I have pencils, markers, charcoal, and pastels.

We can play a variety of games about passing a sheet of paper around and drawing collaboratively, such as:

  • Telestrations: Players alternate between drawing a picture for the last player’s caption, or writing a caption for the last player’s drawing. It goes around until they get their original caption back.
  • Exquisite corpse: Players draw in the top section of the paper and then pass it on. Each person after them continues the drawing into the next section of the paper, based only on the previous person’s section. It goes around until each section of the paper has been drawn.
  • Speed collab: Each person begins drawing something. Every minute, everyone passes their drawing to the left and continues the drawing they were passed. It goes around until they get their original drawing back.
  • Combinations: Each person writes some ideas and puts them into a hat, then each person draws two of them and attempts to combine the two ideas into a single drawing. This could be combined with speed collab.

For games that require hiding previous contributions, we can roll the paper up like a spiral until they are revealed at the end. For telestrations we could even continue onto the back side of the paper.

Btw, I also have a bunch of those “facebook status update” template stickers from last year if folks want to make some more of those.