Drawing for people and my first time going

Hello everyone.
This will be my very first convention I have ever gone to. So I’m hoping I have a good time meeting people.
I’m usually a really shy guy, but I’m getting more opened up lately.

I’m also an artist, so if anyone would like me to sketch them something, I can put something together.
Of course, I’m not forcing you, but it be awesome if I could get some cash for a sketch drawing. Nothing expensive, only about 5$ at most.
I can only do sketches on paper, I don’t have anything else traditional, I’m mostly a digital artist.
Even then I can still put something together, and I would never ask for money ahead of completion.

So I’m glad I’ll be coming this year, I can’t wait to meet you all. ^^

Edit: this isn’t really a happening, just if you would like a sketch, let me know and ill see what i can put together.

Welcome to CFT! Glad you decided to come… it’s amaaaaaaazzzzzzing. =3

Do you have an FA to show some examples of what you do?

P.S. Go check out the volunteers thread. ;3

I do in fact: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/byondrage
Since i don’t have much to draw, i like to do NSFW stuff for fun.

And thank you. ^^

I would love to get a sketch from ya and would even tip :3 Hope to see you there ^^

Also will be my first time going :3

Thanks man :smiley:
I’m just as nervous as anyone else would about the trip as well.

I’m also bringing my sketchbook with all the stuff i managed to draw this year.
I have about 3 other ones, but they are from 2010 - 2011

Nice ^o^ im very much looking forward to this \o/