Dragon Heights post-camp wrap up (w/Dark Lunch cookie recipes!)

3/4 of the Dragons have arrived back in their respective homes (Lex is still in Oregon because he’s headed to a digieridoo festival this upcoming weekend), so it’s time for us to post our wrap up.

First, huge thanks to everyone who volunteered to help out with all of our endless list of tasks. To Beau, Pe Low, and Tyco for being our guest cooks, and to the other folks who stepped up to help with serving Dark Lunch and handling crowd control (Ampersand, please thank Uncle Crow for us).

Thanks to everyone who helped us build the yurt, build the grey shade structure, lift and build the movie screen, and to the stream of helpers who also helped us tear that stuff all down! I can’t believe /literally/ all of camp showed up on Monday night to help with teardown for the big structures, that’s easily the fastest we’ve ever brought the yurt down (and the most rafter strikes I’ve ever weathered in such a short period of time!)

Thank you to our guest DJs Emanate (Friday) and Knox (Saturday). The energy with both of those sets was amazing, and so many people stopped by to enjoy it! The music we had going for most of our non-DJ stuff (like Bob Ross and that weird balloon movie I shared) was this playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4sgUux9hmykyWYmVoe4W6p?si=4dOaTNxdSpCfmNRjCn0aZg

Thank you if you came by to spend time in our space, if you danced under the big screen, thank you if you slithered over and enjoyed a Dark Lunch one or more nights. Thank you to everyone who donated for premium passes and thank you to everyone who donated on site - we raised over $700 this year for PAWS! (and thanks again to Kitchen for letting us borrow some vessels to heat chili on Sunday).

Thank you to the folks who came by and enjoyed drinks, and then were responsible and sorted their empties for recycling! Cleanup in the mornings was a breeze, and I’m delighted to report that we only found a couple bits of trash around our site. SO MUCH BETTER than last year, it was so appreciated.

I was asked for recipes for the Dark Lunch cookies, so here they are:
Friday night: Snickerdoodles

Saturday night: Oatmeal Scotchies

Sunday night: Chocolate Shortbread w/vanilla glaze

Glaze: 2C powdered sugar, 1/3C milk, 2tsp clear vanilla. With sugar in bowl, add milk slowly until your glaze is the consistency of white glue, then add vanilla. Put more sugar in if it gets too runny, or more milk if it is too thick. Apply with a pastry brush on top of cooled cookies, and let sit overnight.

And for the folks that asked about my glowy orb poi toy, it’s a rope dart and I got it through this Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/543549257/led-rope-dart-capsule-20?ref=hp_rf-1&bes=1


Maly! I’m always so floored by the amount of work you, Jondi, and your crew put in every year. Thank you so much for hosting another incredible year of Dragon Heights at CFT and organizing the PAWS fundraiser.

And thank you for posting the recipes for your cookies. I’ll have to pester y’all another time to get that green chili recipe because it was :fire:!

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Wow!!! Way to go everyone on all the money raised!

Thank you dragon heights for all the delicious food. And I’m totally nabbing this chocolate cookie recipe, cuz it was amazing.

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One last loose end for you to get for me… Got a link to that God damned giant parade balloon movie? It’s nightmare fuel in just the perfect way.

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Because you asked I decided to type up the green chili recipe after all. Its probably not exact but its as close to it as I remember - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kSbR7xiOoPOx3dXhq9mSNVFI6LtCfAU2qXL9bG1qJpQ/edit#heading=h.x1yjblr2g7c1

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YESSSSSSS I can’t wait to make it!