Dragon Heights Movies: Harvest Moon edition

Hello all, Maly from Dragon Heights here. It’s time for us to start getting a list of movies to show for our evening entertainment.

A few ground rules:

  1. We want our movies to stay on theme, if possible. Bonus if it has talking animals!

  2. Movies should be generally upbeat/all ages. These are things to walk into and find a good headspace, so no slasher flicks or weird psychological/mind-trip stuff.

  3. Dragon Heights has full discretion about what we’re showing with our setup. If you want to show your own movies, bring a projector and something to use as a screen, and make it happen at your camp!

That being said, here’s a list of what we have so far. I’d like to do two movies a night, with time for DJ/VJ setup and some dance and/or live art.

Charlotte’s Web (animated)
Hocus Pocus

Can you think of any other good movies you’d like to see?


The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Also, any MST3k short that involves farms . . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFRS3LMgFfM

Thanks for bringing a screen and sharing with everyone. You guys rock.

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Also maybe the animated Hobbit?

^^^ Because chickens/farm theme!

^^^ Because circus/carnival theme!

^^^ Because one of the main characters is a barn owl (and also, I just want to see it again ;))!

Oce I love that Owl movie, it’s so PRETTY

1980’s Flash Gordon!

It’s fun, goofy and entertaining, and has furries! (Ok, well more aivains, as in hawkmen) and Queen did the soundtrack.
Hey, one reviewer said when comparing it to the Popeye movie, it was almost an art film. Almost.
But it’s silly and fun, a takeoff of the old serial of the late 30’s and in the same vein. Not as truly unwatchable as “star crash” or “Battlefield earth”.

Man, so as a blast from the past, I remember this cartoon “Farm Foolery” from way back in the day.

Mostly I remember the “Shine on Harvest Moon” song. It’s a bit . . . antiquated, but definitely farmy.

The Fox and the Hound maybe?

No idea if it’s been played before at this event, but…Animalympics! It was released as a DVD earlier this year, and is much improved over its previous VHS incarnation, and it holds up very, very well. It’s also one of the most species-inclusive furry movies ever, though there’s a sprinkle of 80s racial stereotyping.

The bits with Dean Otter are especially fun. Beautiful 80’s animation from a bunch of people who would take the genre in big directions soon.


all of the above have talking animals:

The first one is just a WTF experience and super fun to watch even for 5mn.
The 2nd one of my cousins worked on it. It was a big production, more serious.
The last one is dystopian/steampunk.

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