Dragon Heights folks, I got something for yah!

So, with the theme being what it is. I do have a working laser disc player, and Jurasic park on laser disc.

I’m trying to make it this year, last year was a real bust. sucked big time not being there.

As much as we appreciate the offer, we can’t commit to doing any specific movies this year!

Since I’m on staff, it could be seen as official endorsement, so you all will just have to trust the dragons to find some really good (and bad) dinosaur movies that won’t be announced until the day we’re showing them.

Looking forward to seeing everyone out there, though!

(and if anyone else wants to set up their own movie viewings using their own gear, please do! We just can’t promise to show [big name movies] ahead of schedule)

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ah well, point is moot anyway. Doesn’t appear i’ll be getting a ticket this year either, lost in the lotto again.

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