Downward SPACE!

Beau here! Is anyone interested in doing yoga again? I’ll be coming back with another beginner’s vinyasa (pose sequence) we can all do by the water. There will be a mat large enough to fit a few people on, but I’d still encourage bringing your own yoga mat. They’re fairly inexpensive and easy to find in most stores/online.

Namaste :sunny:


I missed it last year, please someone wake me up for it or come get me. I’d love to join.

I’ll make sure to swing by Little Bend camp and rouse you awake!

I will let you know where I’ll be passing out when I see you. <3

Screw it. Count me in! All the cool kids stretch.

Is this one of those morning things :sleeping: ? If not I’m down for that or stretching or…

I’ve never done it but ill give it a shot!

It’s the best way to work out a hangover! Some fruit and lots of water afterwards!

I would enjoy the experience~ Keep me in mind~!