Doin it…in space

Howdy, y’all. I’m being blessed with another supply of safer sex goodie bags from the great people at Pivot. I will happily hand them out throughout the duration of camp.

I’d also like to gauge some interest in a fireside discussion about relationship dynamics, behaviors, and attitudes. Our furry life allows us a lot of freedom in creating relationships that differ from the norm. Some things I’d like to talk about:

  • How do you navigate relationships with those outside the fandom?
  • How does being a furry guide your ideals within a relationship?
  • How does furry influence non-monogamous relationship arrangements?

I’m thinking this can be a Thursday night scenario, but I’m open to other times!


this actually sounds really fun! Id be interested in joining in on that convo, keep me updated! :3

I’d like to attend as well.

Thanks for taking the time to do this, Beau. Gotta protect that rocket before you blast off.


Oh Beau you are my hero! Thank you for providing this forum and the safer goodies for everyone. I would love to be part of this discussion, but I wont be getting there till late Friday. Y’all will have to catch me up ;3

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by the sound of it, we wont be getting there till Friday! :C just realized that you said your doin it on Thursday. :confused:

I’m totally down for this! Hopefully I can catch it when it happens!

Sunday afternoon it is! Like last year. It’ll be a good way of winding down!

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