Dogs at Campfire Tails?

Hi folks! I am registered as group D and I it says I need to inform y’all if I plan to bring my dog, Ace. He is very well trained and an emotional support animal, but I want to make sure I get all the proper paperwork in before I bring him. Is there anything else I need in terms of registering my dog?

Hello, I’m CFT’s Dog Mom! Yes, starting this year we are instituting a dog registration so we can not only keep a better track of dogs on site but for goodie bags that I will be regularly supplying for each of our four legged friends.

Dog registration should be opening up in June and there will be a form to fill out where you can submit necessary info such as vaccines records and so on.

There is also a forum thread I’ve whipped up with more detailed info about what we require from owners and their dogs.

Hope to see you at camp and feel free to ask me any questions you have about dog attendance.