Okay so this is going to be amazing! who doest like dogeball?

So we will do this as a 4v4 team, tourney style. Best two out of three.You get hit your out. You catch the ball from the other team you get to bring one person back in and they lose the person who threw the ball. Very simple rules.

So start putting those teams of 4 together, this battle is going to be crazy!!!

I like dodgeball; but I’m not so sure about the format. (At a minimum team selection should wait til we’re on site.)

Definitely would be fun. Count me in.

Are we going to use the regular dodgeballs?

Aww man, I haven’t played dodgeball since highschool. I’d totally be up for this, but who’s providing the balls?

And also how about a big battle, like 10 vs 10, or 20 on 20. same rules as 4 vs 4 though. That’s like how we did it in gym.

We will be providing the balls, so no need to worry about that. I like the idea of a big battle too! that could be tons of fun!