DJ Open Space- Sign Ups 2017

Show us what you got
Have you been wanting to DJ and need the space? Have your own gear and a mix ready to share? Then let’s get you set up to get down and funky! Let’s get the bass up this con! I am excited to be organizing DJ’s this year! I hope to really get everyone who wants to party some awesome beats to let loose to! So let’s give the people what they need, a great night!

When is this happening?
After dark friday, saturday and sunday

Where is this happening?

To sign up: Let me know if you have your own set up or is willing to let someone use their equipment, Put below fri, sat or sun and I’ll make a schedule of who is performing for the weekend!

I’d enjoy playing either Fri, Sat, or Sun. I could potentially bring my CDJs (old Denon things, nothing fancy) and mixer (Rane Empath), unless such items (say Pioneer CDJs with rekordbox and a mixer) are already available then that’s all I’d need.

Examples of what I do here:

Raika AKA Ikkuma

Hi Serefina,

I’ve got gear to play jams but no speakers to send the sound out of. But I know people are bringing PAs so maybe I can rock one of them? Saturday Night around 10 or 11 would be great. I’ve got lots of eclectic jams and I’ve spun at the last 4 CFTs.

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