DIY PVC Lights 2018

I have made some interesting lights and I wanted to share how I made them.

I went to a recycle shop and bought a 2 in? wide pvc pipe and got two end caps that fit the pipe.

I lightly sanded the pvc pipe & end caps, then I cleaned them. The pipe was around 51 inches long. I cut it in half.
I took some tape and taped a design on it- I then drilled holes with the design of the tape.

I cleaned up the holes. took the tubes & caps outside and spray painted them with gold and copper flaked paint. (it was the only paint I had laying around.) when it was dry I took of the tape.

Then after it was dry I crammed in a pool noodle (3ish inches in the bottom part of the pvc tube, and then cut the excess pool noodle off flush with the pvc tube.

I got a 5/8 wide dowel- cut it to fit only up to the length of the pool noodle in the tube and some extra to pound into the ground for stability. (around 6 inches long) I shaved one end of each to a point.

I marked out and then dremeled some notches into the tube to fit the battery pack of the lights at the top.

Unfortunately the LEDs I had were not weather proof so I picked up some clear tubing that fit the strand of LEDs. I made the clear tubing long enough to go just above the pool noodle inside the pvc tube to almost the top of the pvc tube.

Hot glued the bottom of the clear tube to close the end. (giving the wire from the lights some space as not to crimp it). Hot glued the clear tubing to the inside of the pvc tube. put the strand of lights in and hot glued the top of the clear tube closed to cover it from getting wet.

Placed the battery pack ing & then placed the end cap on top.

You do not have to go with this design or the colors I used- nor do you have to use the type of lights or size of pvc tubing. You can cut out the Milky Way, the cycles or the moon. galaxies or other designs- like a dragon or anything really!! Amny color lights… Any paint color- or without! It’s up to you-
If you have a smaller battery pack you can make a little 'cage/holder out of plumber tape (roll of strip of thin metal with holes in it that is bendable) and bolt it to the end cap. seal the bolts and it will be out of the way and will not get wet.