-distant triangle sounds-...CFT 2018 Menu!

HOWDY Y’ALL! :cowboy_hat_face:
Beau here swinging by to announce our menu for this year’s camp! I’ve been working on a few new recipes this year and I am VERY excited for ya’ll to try them! Before I get ahead of myself, a few howdy-do’s and thank you’s are in order!

As always, I wanna start off by thanking and introducing the lovely kitchen staff!
I’m Beauchamp, your Camp Chef. :dog::man_cook:
Next to me (or usually running after me) is our kitchen manager @x_panther.:man_firefighter::cat:
Our all-star line cook and grill goddess @OkiWolf.:wolf::fire:
@Pe_Low, one of our long-time sous, will be serving up the vegetarian/vegan fare.:paw_prints:::leaves:
@DruAnderson will again be heading up our delicious cold meal services.:sandwich::dog2::

And although they aren’t staff, my thank-you’s wouldn’t be complete without showing love for all of our volunteers! CFT’s meal services wouldn’t happen without all of your hard work. I know the perks are great (hot meals, volunteer credits, learning new skills, and free back rubs), but I can tell ya’ll wanna help because you truly care about the camp as a whole. And for that, I can’t be thankful enough.:two_hearts:

I also would like to thank all of the willing test subjects I was able to serve over the last year as I was trying and experimenting with new recipes. It’s one thing to cook for a living, but being able to cook as you please is so rewarding. Thanks again to the friends and acquaintances for all of your feedback and (incredibly validating) compliments.:sparkling_heart:



Dinner (Campwide)
Abuela’s Cuban Picadillo with Rice & Beans
Substitute Soy Chorizo :leaves:


Breakfast (Attendee & Sponsor)
Dru’s AM Breakfast Spread
Yogurt & Granola, Cereal & Milk of choice, Fresh Fruit

Breakfast (Patron)
Loaded Tex Mex Breakfast Burritos
Omit Bacon :leaves:

Lunch (Attendee)
Dru’s Deli-Style Cold Cuts
Sliced Meats and Cheeses, Veggies, and selection of Condiments

Lunch (Sponsor & Patron)
Taco Truck Tacos, with choice of Seasoned Tilapia or Ground Beef
Substitute Soy Chorizo :leaves:

Dinner (Campwide)
Bulgogi-Style Carne Asada Rice Bowl with Green Salad
Substitute Marinated Tofu :leaves:


Breakfast (Attendee & Sponsor)
Dru’s AM Breakfast Spread

Breakfast (Patron)
Skillet Biscuits & Sausage Gravy
Substitute Vegan Chipotle Sausage :leaves:

Lunch (Attendee)
Dru’s Deli-Style Cold Cuts

Lunch (Sponsor & Patron)
Xander’s Zesty Mac & Cheese
Substitute Vegan Nooch Sauce :leaves:

Dinner (Campwide)
Chicken Satay, Lime Rice, Cucumber & Dill Salad
Green Chickpea Curry :leaves:


Breakfast (Attendee & Sponsor)
Dru’s AM Breakfast Spread

Breakfast (Patron)
Hangover Cure Chicken Pho
Omit Chicken :leaves:

Lunch (Attendee)
Dru’s Deli-Style Cold Cuts

Lunch (Sponsor & Patron)
Pork Chow Mein
Substitute Marinated Tofu :leaves:

Dinner (Campwide)
Beau’s Burger Boogaloo with Hawaiian Potato Salad
Substitute BBQ Jackfruit :leaves:


Breakfast (Campwide)
Free-For-All Leftover Breakfast Burrito Special


As always, if you have any questions about specific meals or need help navigating a dietary restriction, just send me a pm! I’m more than happy to work something out. :sparkles:


My mouth is already watering!! Btw I love those cute little leaf emojis you have next to all the veg foods. Bless you kitchen staff <3

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Looks delish. One question though. Will breakfast on Monday be a free-for-all for whatever’s left in the kitchen like in previous years or shall I plan on my own breakfast before heading out on the long drive home?

I registered as patron. I have some dietary restrictions due to IBS, so I have some questions about the meals:

On Thursday night, could I have the rice without the beans?

Could you provide some lactose-free whole milk, or can I bring my own and put it in your cooler?

On Friday morning, what’s a continental special? Will it be easy to avoid wheat in this meal?

For Sunday night’s burger, could I have a lettuce wrap instead of a bun?

(I have found that this list is a good guideline to what will give me digestion problems: https://www.ibsdiets.org/fodmap-diet/fodmap-food-list/ )

A lot of fruits give me problems as well, but I do well with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and bananas. Should I bring my own, or are you able to provide these kinds of fruits?

Forgot to add it last night, but leftover burritos are a tradition! I can’t in good conscious send y’all home on an empty tummy! :burrito:

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These are all great questions! I’ll answer them in order.

  • The rice and beans are served separately so absolutely.

  • We provide Soy/Coconut milk as dairy alternatives, and you are more than welcome to them during meal services. As far as storing personal food items, I’m hesitant to say yes since our coolers and fridges are always packed full of food! I also can’t guarantee kitchen staff will be around to allow you access when you need it.

  • The only wheat here is in the pancakes. If I have a little extra budget after the main shopping trip, I’d be more than happy to pick up a gluten-free pancake mix for you and any others who’d like them.

  • I can definitely serve up your burger in a lettuce wrap!

  • We provide fruit for everyone during our cold breakfast and lunch service. Our usual staples include oranges, bananas, apples, and whichever berries are cheap and in season.

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Thank you.

Coconut milk works. Rice milk would also work. Though I’d prefer whole milk with lactase enzyme, I’m not sure I want to go through the trouble of maintaining a cooler for it this time.

Can you make sure one of the cereal options is rice or oats-based? (not corn or wheat). I’m glad there’s gonna be granola.

Gluten-free pancakes could be cool. I know stuff has a tough time sticking together without gluten though.

Those fruits sound good. I was worried “fruit” meant mostly melons like it does at most restaurants, since I shouldn’t eat melons. (So, I won’t be participating in the watermelon-eating contest :P)

Bananas are great, and easy to keep. I think I’ll bring some as well.

Btw, are you going to sing Bacon Pancakes when you make them?

NY is my fave language version.

Just curious, what are the hours of the meal services?

All times are approximate but we’re almost always on time within 5-10 minutes.
Breakfast is at 10am
Lunch is at 2pm
Dinner is at 6pm

Friday Dinner Question: could you elaborate a bit on what “Vegan Tofu Roast” is? Is this a commercial product (brand name) that I can look up ingredients for, or something you’ll be making (and if the latter, what ingredients does it have)? Or is it literally just a slice of nothing but roasted tofu? Thanks!

I will be looking forward to lend in a helping hand :paw_prints: with Friday breakfast and Saturday dinner :hocho::plate_with_cutlery::fried_egg::fox_face:

Friday’s dinner and Saturday’s Patron/Sponsor lunch have been updated!

PS: @oCe I hope this’ll be a better meal option! Thanks for your patience!

Oh darn. Can’t do Saturday’s lunch of mac and cheese (wheat) or Sunday’s lunch of tofu on yakisoba (wheat, soy beans).

Guess I’ll be doing cold cuts for both, unless there’s another alternative.

Btw, what is the continental special?

Alright ya’ll due to some issues with shipping and lack of inventory at our usual shopping spots, we’ve had to edit some meals! I’m like 99% sure this won’t change but, if it does I’ll make an announcement! Thanks everyone! Can’t wait to see ya’ll!

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