Discussing Evolution, Creation, Origins, and Our Links to Nature?

Hey everyfur again!

So I was thinking about spontaneous, interesting things to do in the outdoors for an outdoor furry convention, and given my interest and desire to eventually start up a group on Facebook or Meetup regarding related topics, I want to know, does anyone have an interest in having a contemplative discussion/talk about our origins?

As the subject line suggests, this could involve anything from evolution OR creationism (I don’t choose sides on the matter, personally, though evolution makes a BIT more sense to me), our own personal origins, feelings of connection with nature around us, or “ourselves as animals”. I don’t claim to be any sort of “expert” on the subjects, but thanks to movies, books, studies in biology, and observations, I think it would be interesting to have a nice campfire discussion on these things and talk about what fascinates us about the animals or characters that gave us the desire to be furries in the first place, and how we are linked to them, and to each other. This can be very spiritual (especially for therians), or nicely scientific (in terms of DNA and the ideas of ambiogenesis ).

I see it as a great way to get to know each other and possibly a good relaxing, informal icebreaker, ALTHOUGH I could see how some furious debate could happen, too, which I would much rather avoid (at least, to a negative or hurtful degree).

The idea is probably a bust, but hey, this is just a suggestion and an interest to see if anyone else is interested. If not, no prob. :slight_smile: Just respond if the idea interests you and you’d like to be part of it.

Big walrus hugs!!!

Furio / Royce