Dirt bike adventures

I’m pretty sure I know the answer to this but has anyone every brought any OHVs (dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, etc) to CFT? I see there’s a few OHV spots on the other side of the forest along China Hat Rd. I was just wondering what people’s thoughts were on this or similar activities.

Obviously, no one wants people dirt biking in/around the campsite.

I think off-road motor vehicles aren’t allowed on site, but I’m not sure.

So maybe my question needs clarification.

My original thought was to tow some dirt bikes on a trailer to CFT. Then on one of the days, tow them off site to an official OHV area that is nearby, unload, ride, and load them again to go back to CFT.

I was wondering if this had happened before or if people were interested in it happening for a first time?

Hi Zorion~

Yes, people have brought their alternate vehicles before and gone off-site for an afternoon. You’re right in that we do not allow those kinds of vehicles to operate at camp, but you’re welcome to bring them and go exploring off-site. CFT would not be able to directly facilitate this as a happening, so please be safe and know that CFT is not liable for what occurs outside of the campgrounds. :slight_smile:


Stage up at red camp, I would be down to go with you, provided there was extra spots <3

Oh boi, this is good to hear. I might have an extra dirt bike depending on whether or not my buddy gets to register but let’s hear from anyone that’s interested.

On a side note, I was reading into Oregon law and you’d need to complete a safety course. Looks pretty easy and is entirely online if you’re old enough. Available here.

ill take that test tonight

Three Trails might be a little more interesting for riding if you prefer single track; it looks like East Fort Rock (China Hat) is huge but mostly has gentle 2-track. I’ve never ridden either area though. Also, keep in mind it’s going to be hot, super dusty, and you should tune for ~5000ft of elevation.

I’d love to throw the Beta in the van and join y’all, but offsite adventures aren’t really in the cards for staff. Have fun!

Good to know the approximate elevation. Shouldn’t be an issue since I live in Denver and my bikes are already tuned for it. I’ve never been out to that area and don’t know quite what to expect, but I figure we’ll play it by ear and probably stick to the easy stuff until we know people’s skill levels.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been challenged on trails labeled “easiest”

Cool - it should be pretty close to what you’re familiar with then! How’s the riding at Rampart Range these days? I used to live in Westminster. :slight_smile:

Rampart range is great, was up there on Sunday. Only thing I don’t like is that half the trails are worn into a deep V and I’m not very good at them.

FYI, I’m not going to be able to bring my bikes up as my trailer decided to break half its welds this last weekend going over way to many washboard roads :cry:. But don’t let that stop anyone else from having a grand time.

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