Desert Rat badge preorders!

Hi, guys! ONLY for those who will be at CFT, I’m taking a special round of pre-order of “Desert Rat” themed badge commissions! :smiley: You can view a couple of examples here: (safe for work)

Want one ready and waiting for you at CFT? They are $30 each (or $35 with UV highlights), which includes lamination and a clip so they’re ready to wear. I prefer PayPal for pre-payment, but may be able to take a LIMITED number of pay-at-con preorders for these, as well. Otherwise, I will also be able to take a few commissions for them while at CFT, just at a higher price (likely $40) and even more limited slots.

If you’d like one, please fill out this form: …and I’ll reply by email ASAP to confirm your order. I’ll close off orders after I reach about five badges, or on July 28, whichever comes sooner.

Thanks for looking, and I’ll see you all in the desert :slight_smile:

p.s. I thiiiink advertising is still allowable in the forums, right…?
p.p.s. Hey fellow artists: YOU could announce any pre-order offerings you might be doing, too :wink:


Hmm, I hope that’s a good hhnngggg? ;D

That would be the sound of all of the parts of my body thinking that’s awesome at once

Hey there! Just sent you requests for my BF and me! :3

Aaaand preorders are CLOSED! Thanks so much to the three of you who ordered one. <3 The results can be viewed here: (safe for work)

I’m not entirely sure I’ll be able to offer these at camp yet (as I’ll need to run my laminator and a blacklight to make it happen!), but I WILL definitely be offering rectangular badges (for which I have pre-made holders) either way! I’ll also be doing cheap pencil sketches ($10 per character, or HALF OFF my normal con prices!) and perhaps a few other specials TBD… :wink:

Getting too excited now, see you all there!

That…is…awesome! Just the right amount of crazed-derp. 110% what I was after.

I can’t believe I didn’t notice this—I’m looking forward to getting one of what you can do on site! :slight_smile: