Deschutes Brewery

So, this isn’t really a camp-centered thing per se, but I was curious who’d be interested in a run up to Bend to tour Deschutes Brewery sometime during the campcon. I have a couple folks interested, and can lead a convoy up if others are too. They make some good beer :slight_smile:

And a drunken convoy back?

Bunch of buzzed furries hootin and hollarin in the bed of a pickup, whistling and leering at cute whitetail deer on the side of the road. Be just like home. :wink:

Is there a particular time folks wanted to do this? I’m on Kitchen duty for Breakfast and Lunch, and I don’t want to go and bail on them. :stuck_out_tongue:

They go Mon-Sun, 1300 - 1600 on the hour, 15 person max, so it sounds pretty flexible.

I’d be up for going. :o

Well, for now I’ll say Friday to make the 1600 (4pm) tour, leaving the site no later then 1500 (3pm). Lemme know what works, I’m flexible. and if this technically falls under a ‘happening’ and seeing as Ive missed the deadline, then I apologize and will just kinda have it be a private kinda thing. Don’t wanna step on anyones toes, including my own. :wink:

I might be down for this, but having a convoy means having a few designated drivers.

I could be a designated driver if need be, I’d mostly be going for the company and such anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be drivin my truck up, and can hold one other, two if they don’t mind a dog on their lap. I can haul a couple furs in the bed too that dont mind a 30-45 minute drive at ~60 mph. We can get together day after tomorrow and make a final plan of action.