D&D? Players or DMs?

I’m not sure if anyone was planning on playing or not, Just wanted to see if anyone else was thinking about it.

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I’d be up to play or DM something if we can get enough interest.

I’ve never played, but I’d like to try! I think I could convince my BF to play too.

I haven’t played yet but I have a copy of the PHB and I’d be down to play.

That sounds like 3-4 at least. @lordtheobald do you want me to run something, or would you like to? I can throw something simple together, since it sounds like folks are pretty new. Do y’all have any requests for system, edition, genre, etc?

I think it’d be fun to play, or if there are lots of willing players and minimal DMs I could try running a module or throwing something together! (No experience in running, but I’ve played a bit and it’s an opportunity to try, right?)

I posted this before I even knew if I was able to get in the last registration. I did not. But I still think it would be a great idea, and if you are willing to DM that would be amazing.

I would say I’m most familiar with 5e from watching that, and that’s the player handbook I have. Anything would be fine though!

Well I can definitely run something. I’m already on the road and don’t have character sheets on me, but I can print some off at the hotel tonight. I’ve been around the block enough times that I can manage without books.

I’ll bring some character sheets, easy enough to print out. If there’s anything else we’d need let me know and I’ll try to nab it on the way out of town tomorrow.

Dice. I forgot dice!

Thought I’m starting to like the idea of just using scratch paper as character sheets and a deck of cards as dice. We ARE camping, after all. Opinions on that?

I’ve got plenty of dice and have something we can use as a dice tray, and character sheets are already printed. I think the stats organization would help me get started with it rather a little easier.

Where do we want to do this? I’ll have a have a folding table on hand and an awning with me so that’s a possibility.

There should also be a dedicated game area which we could use (assuming it’s not too packed). We should set a time block aside for this. Depending on how people feel, we could run anywhere from 2 to 6 or so hours. I’ll be volunteering Friday 3-6 and Saturday noon to 4, but should be free pretty much any other time.

@KasoTurian @chivek @celanor Did you gents want to do something this evening, Saturday, or Sunday?

Sunday evening sounds good I think